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Comprehensive examination

The Annual Comprehensive Diagnostics program allows you to carry out a comprehensive examination of the body and identify serious health risks at an early stage. Early detection of the pathology of any organs and systems will prevent the disease.

Necessary services for a complete examination with a benefit of up to 30%. The program includes consultations of physicians, gynecologist/urologist, cardiologist, neurologist, ophthalmologist, laboratory tests, X-ray, ultrasound, functional, endoscopic and ophthalmic diagnostics.

According to WHO recommendations, healthy people after 35-40 years old need to undergo a comprehensive examination of the body once a year.

The program is suitable for:
  • People in whose family there is a predisposition to chronic or hereditary diseases.
  • People who have complaints about a general malaise.

The program is designed individually for men and women. You can use the program both in the clinic and in a comfortable inpatient unit.

Please note that the program is comprehensive. All additional services are paid separately.

The terms of hospitalization are determined by the Clinic based on the workload of the diagnostic departments and the availability of free wards.

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