The K + 31 Clinic hosted a hospital-wide scientific conference on oncology and oncoradiology

On October 26, 2018, a hospital-wide scientific conference on oncology and oncoradiology was held at K + 31 Clinic.

The event was launched by the opening words of the chief physician of the K + 31 network, Boris Tamazovich Churadze, and the deputy chief physician for clinical work at City Clinical Hospital No. 31 Platonova Elena Nikolaevna.

Leading researchers highlighted the most significant issues and the possibilities of diagnosis and treatment in the fields of oncology and oncoradiology, such as:

- Ilyalov S.R., head physician of the center of high-precision radiology "Gamma clinics", spoke about the treatment method on the Gamma knife and the capabilities of his clinic;

- Sinitsyn V.E., professor, MD, president of the Russian Society of Radiologists and Radiologists, explained the essence of PET-CT research;

- Filimonov A.V., head physician of PET-Technology Balashikha, and Pankratov A.S., head of the radiotherapy department of PET-Technology Balashikha, talked about the method of radiotherapy in oncology and the PET center itself.

- Merkulov I.A., MD, Head of the Oncology Clinic K + 31, spoke about the possibilities of the Oncology Consultation in K + 31, etc.

Thanks a lot to all participants of the conference! Your contribution to the development of diagnosis and treatment of cancer is invaluable!