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Manukyan Lusine Andranikovna


Work experience: 
23 years
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Medical category: 
Первая категория
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ул. Лобачевского, дом 42, стр.4
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  • 1992 - 1998: Tver State Medical Academy
  • 1998-2000: Clinical residency at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, TSMA in the Maternity Hospital No. 1 and Clinical Hospital No. 4 in the city of Tver.


  • Since 2008, candidate of medical sciences.
  • Since 2010, the "First" qualification category of obstetrician-gynecologist
  • From 2000 to 2001, she worked as a doctor at City Clinical Hospital No. 4 in the Department of Operative Gynecology.
  • From 2001 to the present, I have been working at GBUZ GP No. 134, ZhK.
  • 2001 to 2009, obstetrician-gynecologist and functional diagnostics doctor.
  • Since 2009, the head of the antenatal clinic at the GBUZ GP No. 134; since 2017, the head of the antenatal clinic at the GBUZ of the State Clinical Hospital named after V.V. VINNOGRADOVA DZM, Moscow.

Further education courses:

  • 2001 - advanced training on the basis of GOUVPO Medical Academy. THEM. Sechenov on the cycle "Endocrinological Gynecology."
  • 2001 - advanced training on the basis of GOUVPO Medical Academy. THEM. Sechenov on the cycle "Infertile marriage."
  • 2002 - held advanced training "Modern aspects and treatment of cervical pathology."
  • 2005 -Professional training at the Federal State Institution TsAG and P in the Department of Functional Diagnostics.
  • 2005 on the basis of MGSU "Modern problems of reproductive medicine and surgery (with a course of endoscopy).
  • 2007 Certification course "Urgent states in obstetrics and gynecology", where she passed the qualification exam and received a specialist certificate.
  • 2008 - advanced training of the Technical University “Endocrinology in Obstetrics and Gynecology” at the Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education.
  • 2010 on the basis of MGMSU advanced training "Modern problems of obstetrics and gynecology (reproductive medicine and surgery with a course of endoscopy)"
  • 2011 TU "Extragenital pathology in obstetrics and gynecology" MMA named after THEM. Sechenova Roszdrav.
  • In 2013 Further training of the Federal State Budgetary Institution “State Research Center for Preventive Medicine” of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation for the Prevention of Major Chronic Noncommunicable Diseases ”.
  • In 2016, under the program of additional professional education on the basis of RUDN University, I underwent professional retraining at the Department of Functional and Radiation Diagnostics Ultrasound Diagnostics.
  • Further training on the basis of Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Continuing Professional Education “Russian Medical Academy of Continuing Professional Education” of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation on the topic “EXPRETIZATION OF TEMPORAL DISABILITY AND QUALITY OF MEDICAL CARE

Professional achievements and recognition:

Pregnancy management, conservative treatment of uterine fibroids, endometrial hyperplastic processes. endometriosis, colposcopy, conservative and surgical treatment of pathology of the cervix, ultrasound of the pelvic organs.
Hormone replacement therapy for estrogen-deficient conditions in various age categories, the choice of contraception, treatment of infertility, ovarian dysfunction.



Wonderful doctor. Sensitive, not indifferent. He answers all questions willingly, and most importantly it is clear that it is rare in our time. I highly recommend a doctor, especially in difficult situations related to pregnancy.

Lachinova Ramil


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I was at the doctor's appointment. A very pleasant experience. An attentive, friendly, smiling doctor. Carried out an examination and made an ultrasound, very carefully and accurately. She answered all my questions. I recommend Lusina Andranikovna.



I am very grateful to Manukyan Lusina Andranikovna for her professionalism !!! Lusina Andranikovna helped to cope with a problem that bothered me for more than 10 years, namely uterine fibroids. Lusine Andranikovna installed a hormonal coil for me and now I have no problems with bleeding and protection. Thank!!!!



Many thanks and deep bow to Manukyan Lusina Andanikovna! All women are familiar with the constant nervous state during pregnancy: suddenly something is wrong ... but nothing is scary with Lusina Andranikovna, you unconditionally believe her! Thanks to this doctor `` from God '', I endured and gave birth to a healthy and cheerful boy! And most importantly: she got pregnant after years of infertility. My son is 6 years old, and until now I only go to Lusina Andranikovna. This is not a review by order - this is gratitude from the heart !!!!



I express my gratitude to Manukyan Lusina Andranikovna for her sensitivity, attentiveness and professionalism. Only thanks to Lusina Andranikovna we became the parents of a wonderful and healthy child! Girls, girls, women - I highly recommend this doctor to you, especially if you can't have a baby!

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