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Pregnancy management

Doctor's supervision is mandatory for bearing a healthy child. Maintaining a normal pregnancy involves six to seven visits to the gynecologist, including:

  • interview;
  • inspection;
  • measurement of pulse, weight, height, body mass index, abdominal girth, blood pressure;
  • assessment of the risks of developing fetal pathology;
  • listening to the heartbeat of the future baby;
  • examination of the mammary glands;
  • the choice of the route of delivery;
  • recommendations for childbirth and breastfeeding.

Laboratory examinations are mandatory: general and biochemical blood tests, general urine and protein analysis, determination of the blood group and Rh factor, checking the level of glucose in the blood. Also, blood is taken for syphilis, HIV, hepatitis B and C. Swabs are examined for oncopathology, as well as STDs.

Of the instrumental research methods, ultrasound is used. It is safe for the baby and mom, while allowing you to see how the fetus grows and develops. Doppler ultrasonography helps to establish the adequacy of blood supply.

In the first half of pregnancy, two types of ultrasound are used:

  1. Vaginal. The uterus, appendages, fetus and placenta are examined, the thickness of the cervix is measured.
  2. Transabdominal. The doctor drives the ultrasound sensor along the belly of the expectant mother.

Starting from the second half of pregnancy, vaginal ultrasound is performed according to indications.

With the help of ultrasound, not only the growth of the child is assessed, but also the condition of the woman's kidneys. During pregnancy, pyelonephritis can be hidden.

Another important examination is CTG, or cardiotocography. Two sensors are attached to the woman's stomach, and a remote control with a button is given to her hand. It should be pressed when movement is felt. The method shows the child's activity, heartbeat, the strength of uterine contractions. On it you can see the lack of oxygen, a decrease in the frequency of movements, and readiness for childbirth. The duration of the study is 5-10 minutes if the baby is awake, and up to 40 if he is asleep. In this case, you need to get up, move around, eat sweets, otherwise the results will not reflect the real picture.

If the pregnancy is pathological, then, in addition to routine examinations, additional ones are prescribed. Most often this is the determination of serum iron, thyroid hormones, urine culture with the determination of the pathogen and its sensitivity to drugs.

Three screening pregnant women

Certain periods have been selected for examining women. Timing of screening during pregnancy:

  1. The first is from the 10th to the 14th week. In addition to ultrasound, it includes a biochemical blood test for the hCG hormone, the free beta-subunit of hCG and the PAPP-A protein. This is necessary to assess the risk of pathologies.
  2. The second week is 20-24. Ultrasound examines the growth of the fetus, blood flow through the vessels of the umbilical cord.
  3. The third - 30-32 weeks. Ultrasound, Doppler ultrasonography, CTG are performed. If necessary, a blood test for hormones is repeated.

Three screenings identify problems and diseases at different stages of a child's formation. At the first examination, the main tasks are to determine the development of the nervous system, to identify malformations incompatible with life, Down's syndrome.

By the second screening, the baby is growing up, the organs and systems are already laid, so a more in-depth examination is carried out: for example, determining the number of kidneys and heart chambers, the presence of the esophagus, counting fingers and toes.

The third planned ultrasound is an overall assessment of the child's growth and development. Some of the systems are already functioning, the baby is growing in size.

The specialists of our clinic during the management of a pregnant woman:

  • assess the risks of pathologies;
  • carry out examinations and examinations specified in the standards for obstetrics and gynecology;
  • identify problems at an early stage;
  • give the necessary recommendations, make appointments, if the situation requires it;
  • make sure that pregnancy is easy and comfortable.

Pregnancy management is a set of necessary measures to help maintain the health of the mother and baby. It was formed by the World Health Organization, so you should not neglect examinations and examinations.

Pregnancy management programs

The expectant mother always has a lot of worries in anticipation of the appearance of a new family member. But the number of these worries can be significantly reduced if you entrust professionals with monitoring the dates of tests, visits to specialists and other important studies of the state of health of the mother and child.

This opportunity is provided by the K+31 clinic under the pregnancy management program. This program includes all the necessary list of services for monitoring pregnancy and will allow the expectant mother to be more calm about the health of her child, not to waste energy on a whole bunch of medical concerns, and this is very important in such a crucial period of a woman's life.

The program has several options for filling, so each expectant mother will be able to choose the most suitable program for herself. A pregnancy management program can be purchased for the entire 9 months, or start from the 2nd trimester.

Please note that the program is comprehensive. All additional services are paid separately.

Features of pregnancy management in the network of clinics K+31

  • Possibility of attracting specialists of related specialties.
  • The experience of doctors in the management of obstetric patients is enormous. The minimum experience of a doctor in managing a doctor's pregnancy is 8-10 years.
  • K+31 offers various pregnancy management programs, among which the expectant mother can choose the most suitable one.
  • Programs include all the necessary list of services for monitoring pregnancy and allow you to be calm about your own and your child's health.
  • Even the minimal program includes a wider list of examinations than that established in the standard order of the Ministry of Health.
  • The pregnancy management program can be purchased for the entire 9 months, or start from one of the trimesters.
  • If you register for pregnancy management at the K+31 clinic, you will not need to be monitored additionally in the antenatal clinic, because you will receive all the necessary documents, but most importantly, the necessary help.
  • In our clinic, it is not practiced to impose unnecessary services or tests.
  • Modern technology, which the clinics are equipped with K+31 - the irradiation is practically equal to 0.
  • Almost completely harmless diagnostics - ultrasound and CTG.
  • Our specialists will remind you of the need to take tests, visit specialists and undergo important studies to assess the health of the mother and child.

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Hello. I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Natalya Alexandrovna Selyutina. To say simply Thank you is to say nothing. I have been looking for a good professional gynecologist for five years. Lots of wasted money, time and health. Yesterday I had my first consultation with Natalya Alexandrovna - already at this consultation I received help, understanding in further actions, and genuine care and attention of the doctor. To my daughters, and to my friends and acquaintances, I will advise only this gynecologist - Natalia Alexandrovna Selyutina. Only positive emotions remained from the meeting and acquaintance with Natalia Alexandrovna. Professional, charming woman, handsome man - a doctor with a capital letter. Thanks to the clinic management.
Natalia Kalyuzhnaya
We were very lucky with Oksana Yuryevna. When you have health problems, you always wait for the help of a doctor who can soothe your suffering and cure you. There were different doctors, sometimes they had the hands of blacksmiths. Oksana Yurievna has an attentive look, tactful questions and kind gentle hands. This handsome smart surgeon takes good care of his patients. When Oksana Yurievna is with you before and after the operations, the pain and irritation go away, as if they never existed. I wish all women such a doctor as Oksana Yurievna, who with respect and trust goes to the patient, giving him health, because this is the most important thing in human affairs.
I would like to express my deep respect and gratitude to doctors Oksana Yuryevna Chernoy and Alexey Yakovlevich Makarishchev. I am very glad that I fell into the golden hands of real professionals and followed their recommendations. Perfectly performed surgical intervention allowed me to restore my health and quickly return to a full life. They know how to find an approach to the patient, show patience, convince, explain all the subtleties and choose an adequate treatment. I was very lucky. Thank them very much and success in their work.
The attending physician, an immunologist, recommended me to contact Oksana Yuryevna. I am very glad that I got to such a sensitive, competent specialist. In April 2019, an operation was performed to remove uterine fibroids. The work was done with great jewelery - over time, the stitches just disappeared! Oksana Yurievna is always in touch, for which special thanks to her. I continue to be observed with her. You leave Oksana Yurievna inspired and confident in the future! Many thanks to you!
In September 2020, she turned to Oksana Yuryevna Chernaya for uterine fibroids, she required surgery. The doctor was very sensitive, very carefully conducted an examination, studied all the tests that I brought, reassured, explained everything in detail and clearly. They decided not to delay the operation, and the day was appointed in the near future. The operation itself was also carried out by Oksana Yuryevna, together with Dr. Alexei Yakovlevich Makarishchev. Despite all my fears, everything went well, the stitches turned out to be small and neat, after the operation I recovered pretty quickly, for which I want to express my deep gratitude and respect to these wonderful doctors! At Oksana Yurievna I continue to be observed and I think that I was very lucky to get into her hands!
I have been observed for 6 years by the gynecologist Oksana Yuryevna Cherna, the best doctor in my life, a very qualified, attentive doctor, never prescribes unnecessary tests, will not prescribe medications without tests, I am very satisfied, thank you very much !!!
Yulia Mironova
She came to Oksana Yurievna for an appointment after long ordeals in various clinics. The doctor listened to me carefully, examined me carefully, gave a detailed description of my problems. She explained why and why she prescribes each drug. After the reception, I flew on wings, in a good mood, with a clear picture, finally, of my gynecological problems and, most importantly, with a plan to solve them. Finally, I found an attentive and knowledgeable doctor! Now only to her!
I have known Oksana Yurievna for 8 years as a highly professional doctor with golden and very light hands. Never anything superfluous, everything is on the case, carefully, tactfully, a careful psychological approach to the patient. She is very kind, attentive and positive. Always in touch and support. I go to her from another city and am grateful from the bottom of my heart for her help. My friends also consult with her.
Thank you very much Oksana Yurievna. I watched her pregnancy. It was very difficult, the toxicosis was terrible, but Oksana Yurievna was able to help me, picked up drugs until they found something that helps. We selected the food ration together. And she is a very good ultrasound specialist. My sister went to her to redo the ultrasound when they spotted some kind of garbage there. Everything turned out to be all right. Oksana Yurievna tells everything in detail, you can ask again, write down. Always says what she does. I really like.
I turned to Oksana Yuryevna for the first time back in 2014. This was the first operation in my life, but with Oksana Yurievna it was not at all scary. A sensitive and benevolent doctor, a master of his craft with golden hands. He will always answer all questions, always explain the course of his manipulations. You can completely trust Oksana Yuryevna and be calm, Oksana Yuryevna also thinks about saving the client's budget (although it would seem that she didn’t have enough to think about this either), but she always says that it is better and more profitable to buy! I express my sincere gratitude to Oksana Yurievna, for her work, golden hands and attitude towards patients, for her love of her profession!
I want to thank the gynecologist Oksana Yuryevna Chernaya! A doctor from God! Such a sensitive and careful doctor! He does not prescribe anything superfluous and there is no goal of stuffing drugs, only what is needed! I highly recommend it!
Yulia Kosilova
Oksana Yurievna, a wonderful doctor! Very delicate and empathetic. Determines adequate treatment, does not prescribe a bunch of unnecessary tests and medications. She performed very well the operation of the ovarian cyst, was able to preserve it despite the large size of the cyst.
The best doctor in the world! The program was serviced by contract, the program was 100% complete for pregnancy, I highly recommend it!
I have been seeing Oksana Yurievna since the beginning of pregnancy on the recommendation of a friend. A very sensitive, caring and pleasant doctor! Helped to make the right choice, saved the pregnancy. Explains everything in an accessible language, does not prescribe unnecessary drugs and vitamins. Calm down, support and devote maximum time and attention. Thanks to the doctor, I recommend Oksana Yurievna to my friends.
I liked the doctor very much! What I want to note: 1) the doctor studied my history in the map, looked at the test results that were not announced to me by the previous specialists 2) listened to me calmly without comments and smirks 3) carried out the examination sooooooo carefully, I have not felt such a tender attitude from the gynecologist for a hundred years ... As a result: after such a good attitude, I listened to the treatment plan without stress and left the appointment in good health and mood. For 10 years, this is the first gynecologist to whom I would like to return if necessary, I hope that I will continue to be observed by this specialist!
Was several times at a reception at the Petrovsky Gate at Smirnova. The doctor is very attentive and competent. She is always open to conversation, she explains everything. Now I will only go to her.
I thank Angelika Yurievna for the attentive attitude and effective treatment of climacteric syndrome. The treatment prescribed by Angelica Yurievna improves health and improves the quality of life. Thank!
Smirnova A.Yu Wonderful doctor! All liked it. Liked the positive attentive attitude, thank you!
Smirnova Angelica Yurievna is a very good doctor, very kind and responsive, I only go to her. Nice service and staff. Very helpful staff.
I turned to Angelika Yurievna for help with regard to early menopause, the doctor was able to choose the most optimal treatment for me, because I did not tolerate the previously taken drugs recommended by another doctor. Angelica Yurievna perfectly understood my condition and complaints, and selected the medicines with the exact dosage individually. I feel much better now, and all thanks to the wonderful doctor Smirnova Angelika Yurievna.
Smirnova A.Yu. She approached my problem very responsibly. I immediately realized that she was a competent specialist. She explained to me very clearly about the therapy that would need to be passed, she was very kind and patient. She tried to cheer me up. After the visit, I had only the most positive emotions.
Angelina Matveeva
I am very glad that at a very difficult moment I was lucky to get an appointment with Angelica Yurievna. I had my first pregnancy and miscarriage. The doctor very competently approached the treatment, helped not only to restore the hormonal background, but also found the cause of the miscarriage. The reason !!! This is an amazing specialist. Lively, positive and very highly qualified gynecologist.
Anna Pavlova
Irina Ivanovna, an excellent doctor. Empathetic, understanding. Thanks to her, I have a child.
Dear, dear doctor ... THANK YOU EVERY DAY, EVERY MINUTE FOR THE GIFT OF HAPPINESS. If you remember us, we were born very tiny in 1640, October 21, 2016.10 maternity hospital. Our dad Winnie the Pooh is hysterical, he ran to your appointment and shouted hysterically ... Marina was taken to the operation ... We want to become parents again, but we want to go this way with you! Help please, we really need your lovely hands and kind heart
Surova Marina
In 2016, by the will of fate, I had to meet Oksana Yuryevna, to this day I only go to this doctor. The doctor made me, in my opinion, such a complex operation (there was a huge ovarian cyst), but so carefully, as if it was not there! I thank the people who referred me to this doctor! Professionalism, competence, empathy, attentiveness, sociability, poise, hard work, humanity and much more that can only be in the right profession and just in a good person! Maybe my review will seem to someone too eloquent and emotional, but I will say this! I very often come across the shortsightedness (incompetence) of doctors and a boorish attitude from them, that having met such a professional, such a warm response cannot but occur in my heart! We wish we had more such professionals and such warm responses for such a wonderful job!
In 2019, Oksana Yurievna recommended and successfully performed an operation to remove uterine fibroids. At that time, this was the first call to this specialist. I decided for a long time to have an operation, consulted on the method of removal with specialists whom I trust and everyone confirmed the recommendations of Oksana Yurievna. In addition, she explained to me exactly my case in great detail and in an accessible manner. Now I am very glad that I fell into her hands and am very grateful to her! Subsequently, I also turned to Svetlana Yurievna for advice, and this is always a very professional approach, attention to all details, a clear explanation of the situation, complicity. Oksana Yurievna is always friendly and calm, which greatly facilitates communication on delicate topics. I trust Oksana Yurievna 100%, I can safely recommend her to her friends!
Hello! Oksana Yurievna was seen in another clinic and now at K + 31. In 2018, I had ovarian endometriosis, Oksana Yuryevna was recommended to me. The operation was very delicate, the ovaries were not affected, and the ovarian reserve was not reduced. Oksana Yurievna is the most attentive, accurate, she will always explain everything in detail and tell you that the most important thing is always discussing all the pros and cons, she will not advise anything superfluous. Oksana Yurievna is the best gynecologist I've met!
A competent doctor who knows his business. I am very glad that I was once directed to her. He always gives only really necessary recommendations, everything is clear and to the point. Dispels all experiences, if something is not clear, explains in detail.
In the clinic at the place of residence, I was diagnosed with dysplasia, cervical third degree, type 16 HPP. For a long time I was looking for a doctor to whom I could entrust my health, when I got an appointment with Oksana Yurievna I realized that this is the high-level specialist who can help me and was not mistaken. She listened with such kindness, calmed me down and chose the treatment that would be most effective in my situation. The operation went so well and at the highest level that after it there was no bleeding or pain. More than a year has passed. I pass control tests, everything is fine, there is no dysplasia or HPP. Oksana Yurievna is not only a great professional in her field, but also loves people and her profession very much (to save people from diseases and prolong their lives) It is very pleasant to realize that there are still such specialists in our country.
I came to the gynecologist Oksana Yuryevna Chernaya 5 years ago, before that I was with many, because there were a lot of problems in gynecology. I immediately really liked her attitude towards the patient, she explains everything in human understandable language, then there were operations that Oksana Yurievna successfully performed. I want to say, a thousand times THANKS and more angels like her!
The first time was at Tatiana Alexandrovna's. I liked it very much from the first minutes. I will return to her again. A qualified doctor who can find a common language with a patient is worth its weight in gold. Thanks to her for the qualified help!