Abramov Sergei Igorevich

Head of the ophthalmology and eye microsurgery clinic, ophthalmologist, laser surgeon
Department: Ophthalmology and eye microsurgery
Врач высшей категории
Degree: PhD
Experience: 19 years
Holds reception in branches:
K+31 on Lobachevskogo | st. Lobachevskogo, 42/4
Treatment Profile
He is a highly qualified ophthalmologist, owns all modern methods of diagnosis and treatment of various eye diseases. Specializes in the field of refractive, cataract and vitreoretinal surgery, performs various types of abdominal ophthalmic operations.
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In December 2020, I had a brilliant operation to replace the lens by a surgeon of the highest class, Sergei Igorevich Abramov. After that, to this day I am being observed and treated by a wonderful doctor, laser surgeon Karina Gevorgovna Seropyan, a kind-hearted person. Her attitude towards patients is an example of the desires of a person who comes to Doctor Thank you for your work, which is so necessary for many
Gusev V M
On August 2, 2023, he performed a brilliant operation. Now I can see everything without glasses. Another life has begun!
Maria Konstantinovna Makova
I want to express my gratitude to the team of professionals Abramov S.I. and Fadeeva V.A. for their indifferent attitude, skill and participation in solving acute issues requiring prompt intervention. You have saved more than once, confirmed the trust in you, we really appreciate it! We wish you health and prosperity!
Valentina Kirillovna
In February 2023, I underwent laser vision correction by S.V. Abramov. Everything went great, both during and after the operation. Now I see more than 100 percent. A wonderful clinic, a great professional Abramov Sergey Igorevich, I express my deep gratitude to him, as well as to the doctor who accompanied me after the operation, Gavrilina Polina Dmitrievna, a very attentive and knowledgeable doctor.
Ship Violetta
From the bottom of my heart I want to thank my doctors Yulia Alexandrovna Medvedeva for the preoperative examination and for persuading me to have the operation!!! And of course, the wonderful, professional surgeon Sergey Igorevich, for the gorgeously performed operation!!! You weren't scared! The doctor performed the operation quickly, painlessly, and everything went in a positive atmosphere!!! Now every day I look at the world with completely different eyes, and I cry because I didn’t have the operation earlier!!! Thank you for making my life brighter and clearer!!! Sergey Igorevich, you were right that there are individual leaves on the trees and not a common green crown)))
Tatiana Plakhova
I would like to express my gratitude to Sergey Igorevich Abramov for vision correction performed a year and a half ago and Yulia Alexandrovna Medvedeva for support before and after the operation. It is very nice that doctors can calmly and clearly explain regarding all emerging issues.
The clinic has great doctors. I had an operation on my eyes, everything went perfectly, Abramov Sergey Igorevich, a wonderful surgeon and an amazing person. During the operation, he tried to distract me, to talk to me so that I would stop being afraid! The operation took 10 minutes. I also underwent an examination before the operation, with an ophthalmologist, Avsineeva Ksenia Mikhailovna, I really liked it, competently and clearly, it is immediately clear that a person is doing his favorite thing. She did a thorough examination on me. And after the operation, for the second time I come for a checkup, to look at the dynamics of the eyes. Just delight!
Good afternoon. I turned to the clinic at 31 Lobachevsky Street for a consultation and for laser correction. My eyesight turned out to be -6.25. There were no contraindications and I was scheduled for surgery the next day. Everything went quickly and in a relaxed stop for which many thanks to Abramov Sergey Igorevich. Many thanks to the whole team. I regret only one thing that I didn’t do this earlier, our unfounded fears only move away from the dream of seeing good things. Good luck to all . Thanks again, you are the best!
On the recommendation of friends, I came to Sergey for vision correction. I had a fairly large degree of myopia (almost -7). I still can't believe I see it so clearly with my own eyes! Unpleasant sensations (pinching of the eyes) disappeared after 2 hours, as warned. Everyone is probably individual, but in my case, the rehabilitation went very smoothly. Many thanks to Sergey. Before the operation, he once again examined me and selected the laser parameters such that, with my cornea thickness and myopia, I could see as best as possible. During the operation, he clearly warned what would happen now and was interested in how he felt. There was absolutely no pain. Once it seemed to me that I felt something, and I asked to add an anesthetic to me. Sergei immediately poured. I liked Sergey's calmness, his friendliness, confidence in actions. Seems like an experienced doctor and a kind person. It was also very nice that one of the nurses held her hand during the entire operation (it felt like the operation lasted about 10 minutes). Now my vision in both eyes is almost 120% (I see a very small line on the table). I am very pleased that I decided on a correction and fell into the hands of such a professional as Sergey! And also thanks to the clinic itself. It's quite comfortable, clean, friendly staff!
Ekaterina Sheveleva
My left eye is crippled: six months ago there was an extensive retinal hemorrhage, almost 50% of it was saved, but, alas, I cannot read it. Right - with glaucoma and cataracts, complicated ... 84 years behind; Needless to say, what the operation of this eye meant for me ... But everything went remarkably well. Ophthalmologist S. I. Abramov and his assistants have done their jewelry work. However, Sergey Igorevich is a famous surgeon, and my opinion will add a little to his brilliant reputation. I feel no less gratitude to the charming Olga Vladimirovna Grishchankova, a young ophthalmologist. She nursed me carefully and for a long time, since the postoperative period was not smooth. Fears about her insufficient experience turned out to be completely in vain, and in case of need I will not go to anyone else. There is a hope that the eye will not fail, and I will be able to continue to work. I bow low to the whole team!
DI. Berman
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