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Pain treatment clinic

Our main goal is to reduce the suffering of patients
with chronic pain and improve their quality of life

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Rami Jamalevich

Head of the department of traumatology and orthopedics

Tatyana Valeryevna

Head of the department of neurology and psychotherapy, neurologist

Anton Vladimirovich

Anesthesiologist-resuscitator, specialist in pain management

Pain clinic at K+31

Our team of doctors (among them: a neurosurgeon, an anesthesiologist, a psychotherapist and a rehabilitation specialist) follows an integrated approach to the problem of pain using modern diagnostic and treatment tools.

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About the department

Pain: types and features

Pain is an unpleasant, sometimes unbearable sensation caused by irritation of nerve endings. This is a kind of reaction of the body, or rather, a signal designed to warn of existing or probable tissue damage. To some extent, pain is our friend, it says that it is time to intervene and change something. There are different types of pain. For example, acute is a recent onset and short-term pain associated with an illness or injury. The cause of such pain is easier to identify and easier to treat.

Another thing is chronic pain. It is accepted that this is pain that lasts more than 3 months. It is often difficult to understand its causes, it is difficult to achieve good results in its treatment. To treat chronic pain, you have to combine different drugs and treatments, involve different specialists.

About the department

To find the cause of the pain, a high-quality examination by a specialist doctor with a detailed history is required, as well as complex instrumental diagnostics, whether it be MRI, CT or ultrasound. Finding and eliminating the cause in many cases allows you to get rid of the pain itself. In the case of chronic pain, it is necessary to apply different methods of pain treatment that do not allow to influence the causes of the disorder. It is necessary to consider such pain as an independent disease resorting to complex treatment. Sometimes, such treatment is a long process. At K+31, chronic pain is treated by specialists from the Pain Clinic.

About the methods of treatment

The main goal is to reduce the suffering of patients with chronic pain and improve their quality of life. Along with pharmacotherapy, it is necessary to resort to interventional methods of treatment. The latter include blockade and radiofrequency ablation.

During a blockade, medications are injected directly into the area of the source of pain. The effect of the procedure lasts, on average, about several months. Sometimes a course and/or repeated blockade is required.

Another method of pain relief is radiofrequency ablation. This is the destruction of radiofrequency exposure of sensitive roots with special electrodes. The duration of the effect is up to a year. The procedure is most often possible to carry out on the day of treatment, without specific preparation.

Unfortunately, blockades do not cure the disease itself, but only reduce the intensity of pain due to the analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects of drugs. Sometimes it is necessary to refuse the patient a blockade in favor of surgical treatment. It should also be understood, and we ourselves explain this to patients, that it is impossible to cure pain without the participation of the patient himself. Yes, pain is exhausting, changes the psyche, a person gets used to pain, perceives it as a norm of life, with which nothing can be done. All this reduces the quality of life. But with all this, you should not withdraw into yourself, you should continue daily life activity, combining it with physical therapy, swimming. It is important to have an internal conversation with yourself, tune in to change your lifestyle. As examples: adjust your activity, if you are overweight - think about its reduction, try to avoid a sedentary lifestyle, etc. The positive attitude of the patient greatly affects the outcome of treatment.

The first pain clinic appeared in the 60s in the United States and by now there are about 3,000 such clinics. In Russia, this direction is young and has begun to develop actively in the last 5-6 years.

Now a pain clinic has appeared here, in K+31. Our team of doctors (including a neurosurgeon, an anesthesiologist, a psychotherapist and a rehabilitation specialist) follows a comprehensive approach to the problem of pain using modern diagnostic and treatment tools.

Methods for the treatment of pain syndrome:

  • Pharmacotherapy therapy.
  • Physiotherapy.
  • Carrying out medical and diagnostic blockades.
  • RF ablation.
  • Psychotherapeutic treatment.
  • Surgery.
  • Physiotherapy.
  • Acupuncture.
  • Manual therapy.
  • Osteopathy.
  • Neurostimulation of the spinal cord.

In the presence of pain syndrome, it is extremely important to seek medical help in time, without resorting to folk methods and uncontrolled use of painkillers. Not only will this not solve the problem, but it may make the situation worse.

We thank Ilya Aleksandrovich Fumin, neurosurgeon K+31, for the detailed information.

We recommend that you go through the initial appointment with a neurosurgeon-algologist, taking with you the available results of tests and other types of diagnostics. Especially if a treatment plan is already planned.

In the absence of diagnostic results, it is better to consult a neurologist to form a treatment plan.


ServiceCost, RUB
Прием (осмотр, консультация) врача-нейрохирурга (альголога) первичный8 100.00
Внутрисуставное введение лекарственных препаратов (без стоимости лекарственного препарата)5 000.00
Околосуставное введение лекарственных препаратов8 300.00
Введение лекарственных препаратов в область периферического нерва (паравертебральная блокада)4 200.00
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ServiceCost, RUB
Радиочастотная абляция периферических нервов, сплетений, вегетативных ганглиев91 000.00
Коррекция положения эпидуральных электродов39 000.00
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Good day. I would like to express my deep gratitude to Ilya Alexandrovich. A highly qualified specialist, attentive, sensitive, and this is important for the patient. This is the first doctor who explains everything in a very accessible way, so you don't have to ask again and surf the Internet. A doctor who visits his patients even on weekends. A doctor who did not forget about you as soon as the door closed behind you. At the very first appointment, my mother was imbued with Ilya Alexandrovich and said that if you have surgery, then only with this doctor. Therefore, when my mother had an exacerbation, we did not hesitate to choose a clinic and a doctor. Ilya Alexandrovich, our whole family is infinitely grateful to you for everything that you have done for your mother. And a special thank you for your patience with relatives. And I also want to express my gratitude to all the staff of the clinic. The care and attentiveness with which you all surround patients is beyond praise. K-31 is a team of the best. THANK YOU!!!



I would like to sincerely thank Rami Dzhamalevich for his high-class professionalism, which in our case prevented my mother's disability. We turned to the K + 31 clinic on an emergency basis after the careless work of a traumatologist near Moscow, and Rami Dzhamalevich was able to get an objective picture and offer a solution in a very short time. He performed a complex operation, and although it was done urgently, the necessary implants were found instantly. The patient was also greatly helped by the constant attention of the doctor and care during the postoperative period, this restored the spirit of the whole family, which, of course, was under stress after the accident. Separately, I would like to note the tactfulness and impeccable ethical behavior of a doctor, which is a great rarity these days. Thank you!



In October 2020, I broke my leg, first I went to the local emergency room, where they put a plaster cast on me, a month later I "jumped" to the traumatologist, who said from the door "where will you be operated on?!" I could not agree to the operation at that moment, I have a baby, there was no one to leave him with, so I started looking for a "second opinion". Turning to K+31, I got an appointment with Rami Dzhamalevich, and immediately realized how lucky I was. The doctor, having thoroughly studied all the pictures, said that it is incorrect to judge about the "fusion" of the bone only from the pictures a month after the fracture (and even more so, to insist on the operation) is incorrect. Rami Dzhamalevich carefully and without disgust (unlike all previous doctors) examined my leg, asked about my lifestyle and my life, in order to choose the best and most suitable treatment option for me. I was happy to hear that I have a chance to do without surgery if I strictly follow the clear instructions of the doctor. Rami Dzhamalevich "fitted" the plaster cast under my leg, taught me how to bandage correctly, which made it a hundred times easier to live in a plaster cast! And last month, all restrictions were lifted, the picture confirmed the "fusion" of the bone, and Rami Dzhamalevich allowed him to run, jump and dance! Hooray! Thank you very much, Rami Dzhamalevich, for your diligence, your responsibility and sensitive attitude towards patients! I adore you!

Anastasia Zakharova


Good day! I have been writing my first review in 40 years! This man is a talent and a top-notch pros!



I was diagnosed with a fracture of the clavicle with fragments and displacement. After a long and careful search for a doctor, on the recommendation of friends, I decided to undergo surgery with Dr. Borghut in the K+31 clinic. I was very pleased with the clinic itself - the conditions of detention, the quality of medical equipment, the attitude of the staff. They operated on, fixed the bones and fragments with a titanium plate, and the bone is now again of the correct anatomical shape.



I express my gratitude and admiration to T.V. Mitelmeier! Tatyana Valerievna is a professional of the highest level, at the same time a pleasant person, a beauty! She is attentive, inquisitive, patient! Many thanks!

Valentina L-Garyaeva


Tatyana Valerievna treated my mother to L.S. Solovyova. in the hospital. We were hospitalized on 08/23/2021 with neurological complications after undergoing covid. His condition was very poor. Thanks to the efforts of Tatyana Valerievna, her attention, patience, desire to understand everything in detail and knowledge, it was possible to establish the causes of health problems, and my mother was able to get on her feet, began to return to normal life. Many thanks to Tatyana Valerievna! She is smart, beautiful and a wonderful person! I also want to thank all the staff of the clinic who helped my mother - nurses and nurses of the hospital, rehabilitation specialists, as well as many thanks to the wonderful nurse Olga Gudenko, who took great care of my mother in the ward.



My husband was admitted to the hospital on December 24, 2018 in a very serious condition, as it turned out later, during a huge number of tests and procedures, he was diagnosed with one of the rarest diseases, which belongs to the group of rare orphan diseases that are very expensive to treat. One case per million population. I want to express my deep gratitude to Tatyana Valerievna. Thanks to her curiosity, knowledge, practice, the husband was able to recover. Low bow to you. Glorify the title of doctor further! With great respect to you! Kalitkin

Natalia Kuzmina


For a long time I could not solve the problem with numbness in my hands, I turned to different doctors. It was only in the K31 clinic that Dr. Ilya Aleksandrovich Fumin finally relieved me of this problem. Conducted additional research, confirmed the diagnosis and performed an operation. Everything went neatly, efficiently and painlessly. The doctor is very attentive and professional in his field. Thank you very much for your help.

Ekaterina Golubkova


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