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Marina Victorovna

Head of the Hepatology Center, Hepatologist

Doctor of Sciences, PhD, professor

Saida Faritovna

Gastroenterologist, hepatologist





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Hepatology is one of the most important areas of medicine that examines the liver, gall bladder and bile ducts (inside and outside the liver). At Clinic K + 31, diagnostics and treatment of diseases such as:

  • chronic viral infections at the stage;
  • hepatitis and cirrhosis;
  • non-alcoholic fatty liver disease;
  • alcoholic liver disease;
  • cholestatic liver disease;
  • liver disease during pregnancy;
  • orphan (rare) liver disease;
  • liver related diseases;
  • with impaired iron metabolism;
  • drug damage to the liver;
  • benign hyperbilirubinemia.

The clinic provides a full cycle of treatment for a patient with chronic liver disease:

  • Diagnostics
  • Treatment, both inpatient and outpatient
  • Rehabilitation
  • Dynamic observation
  • Training, organization of life and nutrition

When to see a doctor

  • If there are complaints of pain or a feeling of heaviness in the right abdomen, general weakness, jaundice, etc.
  • If you suspect or already have liver disease
  • If you are at risk for developing liver disease (for example, if someone close to you is infected with hepatitis B or C virus)
  • If you are already infected with hepatitis B virus
  • Based on the results of blood tests, antibodies to hepatitis viruses were found
  • Consultation before starting antiviral therapy for the correct selection of drugs and the treatment process
  • If there is a change in the biochemical analysis of blood (increased ALT, AST, GGTP, alkaline phosphatase, bilirubin)


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