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In addition to dissatisfaction with his appearance, a person who has extra pounds gets health problems. The cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems suffer, diabetes mellitus, gastrointestinal tract diseases and even oncological diseases develop.

Trying to cope with obesity on their own through the use of strict diets and dietary supplements, a person often harms himself. Even if the diet is effective in reducing weight, it can cause damage to the body. Together with extra pounds, vitamins and other useful substances necessary for the implementation of normal life go out of the body. Also, rapid weight loss can lead to another problem - sagging skin, which people will not be able to get rid of on their own. Therefore, the fight against obesity, like the fight against any disease, requires the participation and constant monitoring of a doctor.

Nutritionists of the K + 31 Clinic will help turn your wish into reality without harming your health.

We offer a comprehensive approach to solving your problem - a weight loss program developed by our nutritionists. At its initial stage, you undergo a laboratory and instrumental examination aimed at identifying the possible causes of excess weight and allowing you to objectively assess the state of your health. The examination includes determining the composition of the body (the amount of fluid, fat and muscle mass) and the level of basal metabolism using the bioimpedance method. Then, together with you, we discuss the features of the individual diet and the possibilities of its correction, revealing food addictions.

After passing the diagnosis and finding out the causes of obesity, as well as the features of your health, you get an individual nutrition plan consisting of a detailed weekly menu (calculated by calorie content, balanced by the content of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, trace elements and vitamins) and detailed recommendations for organizing a diet.

However, even this individual nutrition plan is only the first step in a weight correction program. As you lose weight, your eating habits and energy needs will change. Therefore, every 2-4 weeks after the control bioimpedansometry, a correction of the diet is carried out.

The fight against obesity is not only a physically difficult process for the patient, but also mentally. Therefore, at any stage of your struggle with excess weight, our experts are ready to provide you with psycho-emotional assistance.

In our clinic, weight correction is aimed not only at reducing weight, but also at increasing it. The addition of kilograms is also a rather difficult task, therefore, our experts take an integrated approach to its solution.

Change yourself for the better by using the special weight correction program at the Clinic K + 31. Remember: every extra kilogram that you managed to get rid of not only prolongs your life, but also improves your psycho-emotional state, making you happy and confident.