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Maxillofacial Surgery

In Clinic K + 31, maxillofacial operations of any complexity are performed. Our specialists widely use the most advanced methods of microsurgery, which allow suturing nerve endings, damaged vessels, tissue flaps and completely restore the patient's appearance after injuries.

Maxillofacial, plastic surgery

  • operations after trauma to the jaw, bones of the facial skeleton, nose, ears; soft tissue injuries of the face, neck. Traumatic amputation of the nose, ears, lips;
  • restoration of the face, neck after injuries and after cancer operations;
  • microvascular face surgery;
  • removal of benign formations on the face and neck;
  • plastic surgery on the face and neck, facelift, neck, plastic nose, ears, lips;
  • correction of congenital underdevelopment of the face.

Dental surgery

  • reconstruction of the jaws with complete atrophy and dental implantation;
  • correction of malocclusion, treatment of underdevelopment and excessive development of the jaw;
  • tooth extraction of varying degrees of complexity;
  • diseases of the dentition, caries and its complications;
  • traumatic and non-traumatic joint pathology of the TMJ;
  • treatment of pathology of the dentofacial system using cell technology.
Implantology and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Cellular technology is no longer an impossible dream. In the course of modern technologies, stem cells renew and replace cells lost as a result of any damage in all organs and tissues, because they are designed to restore and regenerate the human body from the moment of its birth. Stem cell potential is just beginning to be used by science. Undoubtedly, it is of practical interest to use cell technology in dental patients suffering from pathology of the dentofacial system, with insular insufficiency, periodontitis and atrophy of the alveolar processes. The use of tissue engineering technologies allows you to accelerate the process of bone tissue reconstruction when it is reduced, lost or damaged. The clinic K + 31 successfully apply the technique of cell technology.

Surgical treatment methods are widely used in the treatment of periodontal disease, removal of cysts, and dental treatment that cause inflammation or neuritis of the trigeminal nerve after injuries of the jaw and teeth, soft tissues of the face. Our clinic uses the most modern techniques, which in most cases avoid tooth extraction.


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