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Onco-urological examination

Over the past 10 years, medicine has made great strides forward, and many diseases that recently seemed incurable can now be eliminated reliably, quickly and almost painlessly. The most striking examples of such changes relate to the field of oncology and, in particular, oncourology. Technologies have become available to us that 10 years ago seemed to be attributes of the "distant future".

Patients of our clinic have access to robotic-assisted surgery using DaVinci, the most sophisticated and perfect medical technology in the world. The introduction of robotic radical prostatectomy (removal of the affected prostate gland) has resulted in excellent functional and reliable oncological results. A few days after the intervention, the patient leaves the clinic, leaving his problem in the past.

The K+31 clinic employs specialists who have become pioneers in the implementation of these operations in Russia, and have accumulated a unique long-term experience in their implementation.

Laparoscopic and endoscopic surgery for tumors of the kidney, prostate and bladder - all these techniques are used daily in operating rooms K+31 to help our patients fight their disease.

Surgery without incisions and pain is the current standard of oncourology. But this approach is possible only if the tumor is detected at the initial stage, when clinical manifestations are minimal or absent altogether.

How to ensure such an early diagnosis? The prescription is only one regular preventive examination by a urologist. The use of tumor markers (specific proteins, the concentration of which is determined as part of a routine blood test) has greatly increased the information content and, most importantly, the accuracy of such examinations. Necessary services for a complete examination with a benefit of up to 30%.

A comprehensive program "Oncourology" has been developed in the clinic especially for the timely diagnosis of urological cancers.

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