Ultrasound Diagnostics available in home

Now at K + 31 patients the service of ultrasonic testing at home is available.

Field Service K + 31 provides qualified medical and nursing care to adults and children at home:

  • for prevention
  • for diagnosis
  • in case of an acute case *
  • for exacerbation of chronic diseases
  • for some treatments.

Assistance is provided by therapists, cardiologists and other specialists of the K + 31 network of clinics, including paramedical personnel.
The doctor can conduct initial express diagnostics, adjust or confirm previously selected therapy, etc. The doctor at home conducts ultrasound examinations (ultrasound).
A nurse can give an injection and / or a dropper, take tests and do some other types of procedures.
Round-the-clock acceptance of applications is ongoing.
If you need to receive emergency medical care within 1-2 hours - it is better to contact by phone. 03
* except for cases of acute respiratory viral infections, in which treatment through a single hotline is recommended.