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Thanks to our doctors!

Presentation of letters of gratitude from the Mayor of Moscow and certificates of honor of the Moscow Government to an employee of the Clinic K+31 for the high professionalism shown in the fight against coronavirus infection.

Letters of thanks from the mayor of the city Sergei Sobyanin received today:

  • Anesthesiologist-resuscitator Irina Nikolaevna Fanakina.
  • Medical brother of the admission department Zudin Oleg Alexandrovich.
  • Nurse of the Multidisciplinary inpatient department Mishustina Anastasia Yurievna.
  • Nurse-anesthetist Pyrkova Nadezhda Mikhailovna.
  • Medical assistant-laboratory assistant of the CDL Valentina Dmitrievna Bulanicheva.

Certificates of honor from the Moscow government:

  • The chief physician of the network of clinics K + 31 Churadze Boris Tamazovich.
  • First Deputy Chief Physician Nesterenko Olga Sergeevna.
  • Head of the department, cardiologist Olga Vladimirovna Ryabenkova.
  • The head of the department is anesthesiologist-resuscitator Sevalkin Sergei Alexandrovich.

Behind the formal news of the awarding lies our sincere gratitude to the doctors, nurses, junior medical personnel, who, without hesitation or fear, stood up to protect our health.