Antibodies to coronavirus Quantitative test in K+31

Now a new diagnostic complex is available for patients K + 31 - testing for antibodies IgA, IgM, IgG, which allows to determine the presence of immunity to coronavirus.

How is the diagnosis going?

  1. Home visit or clinic visit by a specialist
  2. Fence Analysis

In response to the invasion of coronavirus, the following antibodies are formed:

IgA - appear first, on the 5-10th day. Explain whether the active stage of the disease.

IgM - increase from about 7 days after the onset of infection, allowing you to find out if a person is sick at the moment and is contagious.

IgG - form 2-3 weeks after infection. Determining them helps to answer questions: has immunity to coronavirus appeared? Has the disease been recaptured previously?