New ULTHERA SYSTEM device - news of the CLINIC + 31 Medical Center

Acting only on the upper layers of the skin, it is possible to achieve only some, partial transformation, but it is impossible to achieve a pronounced lifting effect. With the invention of the Ulthera System apparatus, it was for the first time possible to influence SMAS (anatomical structure located under the subcutaneous fatty tissue, acting as a supporting skeleton of the skin) non-surgical way. Aesthetic correction of appearance using this technique is carried out using focused ultrasound. During the procedure, an ultrasonic wave acts on the muscle fascia (SMAS), contracts and tightens it. In turn, a reduction in this structure entails a tightening of all layers of the soft tissues of the face. The device has been programmed with safe settings for each zone, and the image on the monitor allows the doctor to see everything that happens under the skin in the area of the nozzle, which provides complete control over the progress of the procedure.

As a result of this effect, lifting of all layers of soft tissues of the face is carried out immediately after the procedure. But a much more pronounced effect appears after some time, necessary for the production of new collagen in the zones of ultrasonic exposure. The formation of a new collagen matrix is completed 3-4 months after the procedure. As a result, a noticeable tightening and tightening of soft tissues in the upper, middle and lower third of the face. Due to this, the contours in the lower jaw and neck become clearer, the elasticity of the skin of the cheeks and the submental area increases, the nasolabial folds are smoothed and the overhang of the upper eyelids is eliminated. The effect of the procedure is stored for a period of more than one and a half years. The ultrasonic lifting procedure has no seasonal restrictions, as it does not damage the skin and does not increase the sensitivity of the skin to solar radiation.

The technique of ultrasonic lifting on the Ulthera System apparatus, otherwise called non-surgical SMAS-lift, without exaggeration, can be called a breakthrough in aesthetic medicine. Thanks to her, it became possible, without resorting to surgery, to obtain a result comparable to a traditional surgical lift. Exposure to focused ultrasound on the Ulthera System is the only technology officially registered by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration in the United States) in the Lifting De Novo category that allows you to conduct a rejuvenating procedure directly at the SMAS level.

You can go through the procedure of ultrasonic lifting on the Ulthera System apparatus by signing up to the specialists of the Dermatocosmetology department by phone 8 800 777-31-31:
Dyachenko Julia Yurievna - Leading Specialist in Dermatocosmetology