IC ALLIANCE does not plan to create its own medical clinics - news of the Medical Center CLINIC + 31

The Alliance insurance company, one of the five largest players in the voluntary health insurance market (VMI), does not plan to create its own medical clinics, Dmitry Popov, First Deputy General Director of the Alliance, said at a roundtable at RIA Novosti on health reform

“Many companies have taken the path of creating clinics and redirecting the flows of insured to them. We can say that, probably, the Alliance can position itself as the only company from the top 5 that will not strategically go by creating its own network of clinics. Our position is that everyone should be a professional in their field, ”said Popov.

“We believe that the more correct model for the insurer is to integrate the services provided by medical institutions, and to organize and present them correctly to our clients,” Popov said.
He noted the emerging trend in the market for investments in medical networks. “Recently, an IPO of one of the medical networks was carried out (Mother and Child - Ed.) ... New interesting projects are appearing all the time ... We are seeing an investment boom in the development of medical networks,” said Popov. In his opinion, investments in the medical network will ultimately lead to increased competition between medical institutions, an increase in the level of service and lower tariffs.