Loyalty program

The K+31 bonus program is designed specifically for the convenience of our patients and is based on three basic principles:

  • Transparent: points are accumulated from all services.
  • Beneficial: with bonuses you can pay up to 50% of the reception.
  • Convenient: the card no longer needs to be carried with you.

How it works

From each reception points are accumulated in your bonus account. The amount of points awarded

determined by the level of the account (1-15%)

1 bonus point = 1 ruble discounts on future receptions

With the growth of your spending, the level of the bonus account also increases.

Bonus account level as expenses increase:

* Only expenses from the moment of joining the program are taken into account.
** Points accumulated in each branch can only be spent in it.

Join the program or transfer a valid (discount) card to a new one

format can be in the registry of any of our clinics.

Full terms of the new program

Terms of the program valid until June 1, 2019

Terms of the program valid from December 18, 2019

Terms of the program valid from January 1, 2022

Name of the Organizer of the program: Joint-Stock Company "Clinic K+31". Program Organizer Address: Russian Federation, 119415, Moscow, ul. Lobachevsky, d. 42, p. 4.