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Natalya Vasilevna

Head of the Department of Internal Medicine, general practitioner

Olga Sergeevna

Head of the Pediatrics Clinic, Pediatrician


Larisa Vyacheslavovna

General practitioner


Natalya Ilyinichna

General practitioner

First category doctor

Irina Valentinovna

Allergologist-immunologist for children, pediatrician

Eldar Imamutdinovich

Pediatrician, pediatric cardiologist

Camila Shavkatovna

General practitioner, preventive medicine doctor, nutritionist


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Many thanks and gratitude to Oleg Igorevich Gorelov, a general practitioner. He came to the house, very carefully and professionally diagnosed herpes zoster, gave recommendations and prescribed the necessary medications. After the visit, he called twice more to ask about his health, because there were severe pains. Recommended which specialized specialists you need to see. A real doctor who not only treats professionally, but also knows how to work with people - patients - attentively, patiently and very kindly. Thanks a lot!!!
A brilliant specialist, a very pleasant person. She came with pneumonia, Alexander Alexandrovich suspected PE, immediately prescribed an anticoagulant, prescribed an examination that confirmed myocardial pneumonia. Now I know where to go. Many thanks to the wonderful doctor!
Nilovskaya Anna
Professionalism, attentiveness, benevolence, positivity, an integrated approach (first met in the last 15 years). Feels like a great experience with a tremendous baggage of knowledge! Excellent therapist
Veronica Romanova
Natalya Vladimirovna is an excellent doctor with an integrated, all-round approach to the problem, a kind and sympathetic person. I always try to get an appointment with her, although this is sometimes not easy with her schedule.) Thank you Natalya Vladimirovna!
Dear Elina Aramovna, thank you very much for the quality treatment, professionalism and goodwill. Daily conversations with you, attention to my questions, a sensitive attitude, all this gave me strength and confidence that everything would be fine. Now I am at home and I will follow your recommendations. Once again, thanks a lot! Respectfully yours, Maria Gennadievna.
Maria Gennadievna
Many thanks to Elina Abramovna for her emotional attitude to patients (as capricious as me). A DOCTOR FROM GOD!!!
Laura Vladimirovna
Many thanks to Dr. Elina Abramovna Stepanyan for professionalism, attentiveness and a very careful attitude towards the elderly! My grandmother is 95 years old. The examination was done very competently and the treatment was prescribed. Many thanks to you. Best regards, Elena Ginter
Evelina Aramovna! I want to thank you for my grandmother (95 years old). For your professionalism and very careful attitude towards the elderly. You are a real doctor !!! Sincerely, Elena
Lyudmila Borisovna is the best therapist in my experience. Clear, professional and friendly. I highly recommend it.
Lyudmila Borisovna is an excellent doctor, specialist and sincere person! The doctor explained everything in detail, reassured and prescribed the necessary treatment! And now I am healthy! Thank you very much!!!