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At K + 31, specialists care about the effectiveness of the treatment provided. Our psychologists use only the best techniques to help identify and resolve problems in the psycho-emotional sphere:

  • Individual approach - selection of the most effective ways of psychological correction of problems;
  • Complex therapy - the opportunity to consult with a psychologist in the process of treating other diseases with doctors of other specializations;
  • Modern methods of diagnosis and therapy - accelerate the process of treatment and restoration of a normal psycho-emotional background;
  • Comfortable conditions - the ability to independently choose a convenient time for a psychotherapy session.

In psychological practice, hundreds of techniques can be distinguished, the use of which helps to normalize the psycho-emotional background:

trainings, the purpose of which is to teach patients how to effectively manage their emotions;

  • correction of emotional and personality disorders;
  • a patient’s discussion with a psychologist during which problems negatively affecting the quality of life are identified;
  • universal and projective hypnotherapy;
  • mindfulness meditation;
  • ergotherapy;
  • drug therapy.

In child psychology, it is important to conduct a comprehensive survey of various areas of mental activity, for the study of higher mental functions (memory, attention, thinking), emotional, personal spheres and social adaptation. An appeal to a child psychologist is especially important in case of changes or problems of an emotional nature, behavior, motivation, adaptation in an educational institution and a child’s conflict with adults. After that, the specialist draws up a detailed psychological conclusion, a plan for subsequent work with the child and advises the parent on the results of the examination.

There are much more reasons for turning to a psychologist in adults than in children. This may be a family crisis, motivation to overcome your fear and other negative attitudes, or the desire to undergo a comprehensive examination, to better understand yourself. The reason for contacting a psychologist can also be: sleep disturbance, stress, lack of control of emotions.

It should be remembered that the psychologist deals with the options of the norm, in case of deeper problems, the specialist can send for a consultation with a psychotherapist or doctors of other specializations - a neurologist, endocrinologist, etc.


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