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Medical services




Two hospitals

> 58 th patients
per year

24/7 Diagnostics

Doctors of science
& PhD

The network of K + 31 clinics is two medical centers, one of which is located in the south-west of Moscow, and the other in the heart of the capital. K + 31 provides effective and high-quality medical services to adults and children. The clinics are equipped with advanced equipment and a staff of leading specialists, which allows us to provide medical services in all major areas.

The clinic employs more than 350 doctors, about 1,000 patients undergo treatment daily.

In the K + 31 clinic on Lobachevsky, outpatient care is provided to children and adults. For patients are available: clinic, diagnostic center, equipped with CT, MRI, endoscopy, ultrasound, etc. The clinic has a round-the-clock multidisciplinary hospital, intensive care unit, 7 operating rooms and its own laboratory. Hospitalization of patients is possible directly to the hospital through the admission department. Doctors K + 31 on Lobachevsky take children as part of an outpatient appointment and provide home care for patients from 0 to 18 years old.

Clinic K + 31 Petrovskie Vorota is a modern multidisciplinary clinic that provides a wide range of services in the field of diagnostic and therapeutic and advisory care: polyclinics, day hospitals, and IVF departments. The clinic has a powerful diagnostic base, reception is being conducted in more than 30 directions. The clinics are hosted by qualified specialists with many years of experience. Practitioners include academics, professors, doctors and candidates of medical sciences.

All clinics are equipped with a single medical information system (electronic storage of the medical history, the ability to transfer images, test results, doctor’s opinions on electronic media, etc.)

The network of clinics has developed comprehensive attachment and examination programs (check-outs), varied in cost and content for the prevention, timely detection and treatment of diseases.

Programs include appointments with various specialist doctors, passing tests, and passing diagnostic tests. Chekapy designed by specialists in accordance with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation and the best foreign practices.