Family medicine

K+31 has a separate full-fledged polyclinic department of family medicine.

Presented by family doctors and generalists to solve almost all medical problems of the whole family: prevention, diagnosis of the disease at the earliest stage, an integrated approach to treatment and recovery.

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Family medicine clinic K+31

A family doctor is a specialist in all medical matters who supervises the patient and his family.

  • Resolving medical issues of a therapeutic profile, primary examination. There is no need to decide which specialist is better to contact with a problem, to engage in self-diagnosis or self-treatment.
  • Tracking the dynamics of indicators, results of analyzes and studies. You don't have to deal with a bunch of documents or tell the whole story from the beginning.
  • Conducting, organizing and supervising annual preventive diagnostics. No need to remember when to see which doctor, what diagnostic processes are recommended by age, how family history of diseases and other risk factors affect.
  • Organization of medical and diagnostic processes: identification of specialists for treatment, convening medical consultations, communication, preparation of necessary medical documentation. Increase efficiency and save time.
  • Doctors of allied specialties visit the department to solve narrower problems. In case of a more complex situation, the family doctor will arrange an appointment in one of the departments of the K+31 clinic.
Family medicine clinic K+31

Preventive medicine in K+31 is the prevention of diseases, taking into account the influencing risk factors. Many pathologies show symptoms already at a late stage, where the treatment is much longer and more difficult. Evaluation of indicators, genetic tests, comprehensive examination programs contribute to the prevention of the disease and / or its early detection.

The system is based on the European principle of multi-year annual prevention, controlled by the same doctor. According to WHO recommendations, healthy people after 35-40 years old need to undergo a comprehensive examination of the body about once a year.

Preventive medicine in K+31

Specialists of the Department of Family Medicine - qualified general practitioners and general practitioners:

Assistance in therapeutic pathologies and related subspecialties
Carrying out diagnostic studies and medical procedures
Keeping a family health history
Preparation of personal recommendations

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Why K+31?
К + 31 — full-cycle multidisciplinary medical centers, including the possibility of providing medical services of European quality level.
К + 31 — are leading doctors and diagnostics using high-tech equipment from world manufacturers (Karl Storz, Olympus, Siemens, Toshiba, Bausch&Lomb, Technolas, Zeiss, Topcon).
К + 31 — is ethical. The staff of K+31 clinics maintain open relationships with patients and partners. An individual approach to each patient is the basis of our service standards.
К + 31 — is modernity. On call 24/7: call center operators will answer your questions at any time and book you an appointment with doctors. Contact us by phone, through the feedback form on the website and WhatsApp.
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