Vaccination against COVID-19

Annual program with a personal pediatrician

The annual pediatrician attachment program is a universal program that will help solve the problem with the "family" pediatrician. In the framework of the program, you can not only call a pediatrician at home, but also consult in emergency situations with a pediatrician on duty by phone.

The program "Pediatrician" includes:

  • examination of a pediatrician at home for an acute illness;
  • dispensary examinations of a pediatrician with recommendations for rational feeding, hardening, disease prevention;
  • development of an individual vaccination schedule;
  • issuance of certificates to the kindergarten, school;
  • consultations with the on-call pediatrician by phone during the clinic hours;
  • laboratory research.

When re-acquiring / renewing programs, the price is calculated taking into account correction factors based on the frequency of calls in previous years.