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Clinic «K+31 West» celebrates its birthday and gives gifts!

A year ago, an important event happened for our family of clinics: a multidisciplinary clinic on Orshanskaya Street opened its doors. We ourselves and the residents of the Western District were waiting for this: a modern medical center appeared at their service, which has everything you need to take care of the health of the whole family. Diagnostic department with advanced equipment, own laboratory, general polyclinic for adults and children, hospital and operating room. And most importantly - professional, attentive doctors who can find an approach to any patient and solve his problem.

In order to celebrate the first birthday of the clinic, we decided to give gifts to our beloved patients. And what can please more than the opportunity to take care of your health with benefits?
Our gift is a gift certificate for 1000 rubles for the services of the K+31 West clinic:

Polyclinic for adults: gastroenterologist, dermatocosmetologist, urologist, gynecologist.

Pediatrics: pediatrician, pediatrician home visit, otorhinolaryngologist, pediatrician examination before vaccination, neurologist, allergist, osteopath, cardiologist.

Promotion period from 02.09.22 to 30.09.22.

Check the details of the promotion with the administrators of the clinic or call center operators.

To receive a gift certificate, please fill out the following form: