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Tabolova Victoria Kimovna


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17 years
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1-й Колобовский пер. дом 4
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Valid certificates on obstetrics and gynecology, ultrasound diagnostics.


  • Methods for the diagnosis and treatment of infertility using modern assisted reproductive technologies: ovulation induction, artificial insemination, IVF (including programs with DO and DS).
  • prevention and treatment of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome;
  • cryopreserved embryo transfer cycles;
  • pregnancy management after IVF;
  • minor gynecological operations (hysteroscopy and RDF, endometrial biopsy);
  • Ultrasound in gynecology;
  • Treatment of PID, STI;
  • menstrual irregularities.


  • In 2004 she graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the North Ossetian State Medical Academy with a degree in medical care.
  • 2004 - 2006 - Clinical residency at the Scientific Center for Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, specializing in obstetrics and gynecology.
  • 2012-2015 - Full-time postgraduate study in the department of preservation and restoration of reproductive function of FSBI “NTsAGiP im. IN AND. Kulakova "Ministry of Health of Russia.


  • 2011 - Additional professional education under the program "Assisted Reproductive Technologies in the Treatment of Female and Male Infertility" on the basis of I.M. Sechenov of the Russian Federation, Moscow.
  • 2012 - “Methodology of scientific research in biomedicine” on the basis of FSBI “NTsAG and P named after V.I. Kulakova "of the Russian Federation, Moscow.
  • 2014 - Advanced training course “Modern methods for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the cervix, vagina, vulva. Colposcopy "on the basis of FSBI" NTsAG and P named after V.I. Kulakova, Ministry of Health of Russia, Moscow.
  • 2014 - TU "Patients with a poor response - therapeutic tactics" on the basis of FSBI "NTsAG and P named after V.I. Kulakova, Ministry of Health of Russia, Moscow.
  • 2014 - TU “Repeated implantation failures - solutions” on the basis of FSBI “NTsAG and P named after V.I. Kulakova "Ministry of Health of Russia, Moscow)
  • 2015 - Professional training in the specialty "Ultrasonic Diagnostics" on the basis of FSBI "SSC RF - FMBC named after A.I. Burnazyan ", Moscow.
  • 2016 - SC in the specialty "Obstetrics and Gyneology" on the basis of I.M. Sechenov of the Russian Federation, Moscow.


  • On the basis of FSBI “NTsAG and P named after V.I. Kulakova ”defended her thesis on“ Clinical and molecular genetic justification of endometrial preparation for chronic endometritis in assisted reproductive technology programs ”.
  • He regularly attends and takes part in domestic and foreign conferences on reproductive health.
  • His main research interests at present are repeated implantation failures, endometrial pathology, prophylaxis of OHSS, and patients with poor answers.

Author of 9 publications:

1. The effect of chronic endometritis on the outcomes of assisted reproductive technology programs: morpho-functional and molecular genetic features (literature review) / V.K. Tabolova, I.E. Korneeva // Obstetrics and Gynecology. - 2013. –№ 10. – C.17–22.
2. Local expression of mRNA of homeobox genes in the endometrium in chronic endometritis / V.K. Tabolova, I.E. Korneeva, A.E. Donnikov, O.V. Burmenskaya, M.A. Okhrimenko, V.Yu. Smolnikov // Reproductive technologies today and tomorrow: materials of the XXIII international conference RARCH. – Volgograd, 2013. – P.29-30.
3. Profile of local gene expression in the endometrium of the “implantation window” period in chronic endometritis / V.K. Tabolova, I.E. Korneeva, A.E. Donnikov, O.V. Burmenskaya, M.A. Okhrimenko, V.Yu. Smolnikova // Mother and Child: Proceedings of the XIV All-Russian Scientific Forum. - 2013. – P.552.
4. Experience in the application of molecular genetic methods to assess the receptor status of the endometrium / M.A. Okhrimenko, V.Yu. Smolnikova, A.E. Donnikov, O.V. Burmenskaya, V.K. Tabolova, I.E. Korneeva, T.A. Demura // Materials of the VIII International Congress on Reproductive Medicine. – 2014.-S.292-293.
5. Profile of local gene expression of growth factors and cytokines in the endometrium of the “implantation window” period in chronic endometritis / V.K. Tabolova, I.E. Korneeva, A.E. Donnikov, O.V. Burmenskaya, M.A. Maslova, V.Yu. Smolnikov // Obstetrics and gynecology. - 2014. –№12. – P.74–78.
6. Comparison of the mRNA expression profile of genes involved in implantation in the early and middle stages of secretion in the human endometrium / M.A. Maslova, V.Yu. Smolnikova, A.M. Savilova, O.V. Burmenskaya, A.A. Bystritsky, V.K. Tabolova, I.E. Korneeva, T.A. Demura, A.E. Donnikov // Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine. – 2014. – №12. – P.748–751.
7. Assessment of the significance of molecular genetic markers in the endometrium in predicting the outcome of pregnancy in the IVF program / M.A. Maslova, V.Yu. Smolnikova, A.E. Donnikov, O.V. Burmenskaya, T.A. Demura, V.K. Tabolova, I.E. Korneeva // Obstetrics and gynecology. 2015. - No. 3. – P.26-32.

8. Endometrial receptivity in the program of in vitro fertilization, depending on the concentration of progesterone on the day of the introduction of the ovulation trigger / E.V. Mityurina, S.G. Perminova, T.A. Demura, O.V. Burmenskaya, V.K. Tabolova, I.E. Korneeva, A.N. Abubakirov // Obstetrics and gynecology. 2016. - No. 1. – P.56-62.

9. VEGFA mRNA: a new biomarker allowing to detect chronic endometritis during the window of implantation? Tabolova, V., Korneeva, I., Donnikov, A., Burmenskaya, O., Mishieva N. // - Poster Presentation - ESHRE 2016.



Reproductologist Tabolova is just a miracle. No matter how hard we tried before, which doctors did not go to, the resulting embryos were not viable. There were already thoughts to take a ready-made embryo. But then this plan was abandoned. All the same, the child would not be ours. Then adoption is better. But then we were advised by a wonderful doctor Victoria. They carried out a bunch of examinations and found the cause, which, perhaps, interfered. But no one, of course, will say that. As a result, 2 embryos survived! With one they made an infusion, and the second was left there in the clinic for storage.



Everything worked out! The main criterion for choosing Victoria Kimovna was that it was easy for me and my husband to communicate with her and the good reviews of those who were her patients. Indeed, the doctor is not thoughtless, does not act according to a template, delves into the problem. Before entering the protocol, I still needed to undergo gynecological treatment, but everything turned out successfully. I'm in my fifth month, expecting a baby! I recommend a doctor with all my heart.



Victoria Kimovna is a professional in her field. We couldn't get pregnant for 4 years. We visited different clinics, doctors, but all to no avail. Only V.K. Tabolova managed to change everything! There were no direct indicators for IVF, so we decided to try AI with stimulation. From the first time we had hCG was positive. For some 4 weeks we managed to do what we could not do for a long time. I liked that the doctor was available 24/7. Easy-to-understand explanations and tremendous support. Let's decide for the second, only with her.



I really liked the fertility doctor Viktoria Kimovna Tabolova. She has a good reception, speaks politely, was attentive to me. She consulted in detail, gave the information for which I turned to her, as well as useful recommendations. I will advise this doctor to my friends. I also really liked the medical center with its pleasant staff and beautiful interior design.



Even in my youth, I was diagnosed with polycystic ovary disease. Nobody said that this was a sentence and that I would never get pregnant, but they offered to have an operation. I made. Later she got married, decided to have a child, but not a year later, not two years later, not three or even four years later, nothing happened. Again she turned to the gynecologist in her area, she just threw up her hands, they say, everything is fine, why pregnancy does not occur - it is not clear. Ovulation is, menstruation is regular. For another year I was treated by this doctor, then moved on to another and another year - to no avail. My grandmother confidently asserted that a partner was not suitable for me, but even so, I love my husband. The situation seemed hopeless ... After a while, I stumbled across the net on information about the clinic "Eco on Petrovka" and signed up for a consultation. They came with my husband, explained the situation, and they undertook to help us. Our doctor Victoria Kimovna turned out to be an incredibly pleasant person and just a sorceress. I will not describe here how grateful we are to her, everything has already been said in words. I will only note that our beautiful daughter is growing up, and this is the merit of the doctor and the entire team of the clinic. Girls, if you are diagnosed with infertility, do not despair. Come here for a consultation, they will give you hope, support and, most importantly, help - not in words, but in deeds.



I want to say a huge thank you to the wonderful doctor Tabolova Victoria Kimovna! Thanks to her, her professionalism, sensitivity, attentiveness, my husband and I had twins, boys on the first try. My gratitude cannot be expressed in words. Thank you for making your dream come true, for our double happiness and more positive tests!

Roman and Angela


Yes, we could, we got pregnant! Thank you, Victoria Kimovna, Angela has already stopped believing in miracles and there is such great news! Two stripes on the test turns out to be the best picture you can imagine. The spouse's happiness knows no bounds. And when she is happy, so am I. Good luck and prosperity!



I express my deep gratitude to Victoria Kimovna Tabolova, embrinologists and the entire clinic for becoming a mother, our daughter was born! After 16 years of sterility, this miracle happened. Victoria Kimovna believed and gave us this confidence that everything will work out and with this wonderful doctor everything worked out for us on the first try. Thank you very much for the happiness that you give to people!



Last year we had an IVF OMS program, and we were referred to the clinic K + 31 to Viktoria Kimovna. From the first visit, the doctor won over, instilled confidence in the success of the program. Victoria Kimovna was always attentive and polite. As a result of the well-coordinated work of the reproductologist and embryologist, such an anticipated pregnancy has come! Thanks to your doctors, they are doctors from God!



An excellent specialist, sensitive, polite and attentive doctor, I can recommend only the best side. It works for the result, which is rarely seen in paid clinics (and this is not the first reproductive specialist in various private clinics with which we have so far unsuccessfully worked). We applied to the Petrovskie Vorota for the first time under compulsory medical insurance, the second infusion in the cryoprotocol was done at our own expense. Before the implantation, Viktoria Kimovna discovered a problem with the endometrium (one of the causes of infertility), which was overlooked in other clinics, and treated her. He always personally supports patients: for example, when, after a transplant, an allergy to a drug arose, the doctor, without a phone call outside of working hours, helped to change the drug. Today our embryo is over 8 weeks old, the heart is beating, and this is the personal merit of our doctor. If you dream of a baby, this is your doctor, follow her advice and do not be afraid to waste time doing additional procedures, even if the age is significant like mine. But the result will be guaranteed, tested on yourself.

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