Stefanov George Borisovich


Work experience: 
10 years
Reception at: 
ул. Лобачевского, дом 42, стр.4
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  • 2009 - Russian State Medical University named after N.I. Pirogov, faculty of pediatrics.
  • 2011 - Moscow Research Institute of Psychiatry, clinical residency in psychiatry.

Area of professional interests:

Clinical psychotherapy of neurotic spectrum disorders, cognitive hypnotherapy.

Scientific activity:

Postgraduate studies in psychiatry at the Moscow Research Institute of Psychiatry from 2011 to the present, Department of Affective Spectrum Disorders, a group of systemic studies of psychotherapy, led by Tukaev R.D. The area of scientific interests is the biological mechanisms of psychotherapy, the neurophysiology of hypnosis.

Professional achievements and recognition:

  • 06.2011 - report at the congress of the PPL (professional psychotherapeutic league)
  • 10.2012 - report at the 19th International Congress of Hypnosis of the International Society of Hypnosis (ISH), Bremen, Germany
ABOUT! This is a Professional with a capital letter. Knows h is business. Feels the patient. He knows how and knows how to help him. Therefore, sign up to him a month in advance :) deploy...

Dmitry / 20.04.2019

The human psyche is a very delicate matter, containing a lot of secrets and mysteries, and working with a person not only at the level of practical activity, but also at the energetic level, is noticeable, and often, always at once. You will notice the result from visits to this specialist almost immediately. Depression, dissatisfaction with negative life situations will disappear. I especially recommend that people with suicidal tendencies contact him, like mine! Thank him for everything! This is a person who knows how to add variety to the lives of his patients. deploy...

Olga / 26.12.2018

A very good doctor! I quickly understood the root causes and explained everything clearly. I have someone to compare with. I advise. deploy...

Alexei / 20.11.2018

A wonderful doctor! I recommend it to all friends who come t o the understanding that sometimes you still need to contact a specialist in mental matters. I went to see him in another clinic, unfortunately, now he is very far from us. Apparently, if necessary, you will have to take a day off and go to him on Lobachevsky. But there are no options - I tried to work with other specialists - a terrible experience. deploy...

AND. / 28.09.2018

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