Snikhovskaya Ekaterina Alexandrovna


Work experience: 
12 years
Reception at: 
ул. Оршанская, д. 16, стр. 2
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  • Diagnostics and treatment of urgent neurological and neurosurgical conditions, autoimmune demyelinating, neuromuscular, neurodegenerative hereditary diseases of the nervous system, migraine, diseases of the autonomic and peripheral nervous system.
  • Interpretation of CT, MRI, X-ray, electroneuromyography, EEG, evoked potentials, TMS.
  • Selection and implementation of rehabilitation measures after a stroke, injuries of the central and peripheral nervous system, in patients with chronic pain syndromes.
  • Treatment of diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system according to international recommendations, in accordance with evidence-based medicine.


  • 2013 - FGBOU VPO Oryol State University, faculty of Medical institute, specialty "General medicine".
  • 2015 - FGBU Scientific center of neurology, residency.


  • 2016 - GBUZ "Research Institute of Emergency Medicine named after N.V. Sklifosovsky Department of healthcare of the city of Moscow", faculty "Professional retraining", specialty "Physician of functional diagnostics".
  • 2016 - educational seminar "Evidence-based neurology in clinical practice", Moscow.
  • 2016 - practical seminar "NIHSS Stroke Severity Scale", NIHSS-English Groupe certificate, Moscow.
  • 2016 - master class "Ultrasound examination of the nerves of the upper extremities", St. Petersburg.
  • 2016 - took part in the 23rd INTERNATIONAL MONDSEE MEDICAL MEETING, Salzburg, Austria.
  • 2017 - advanced training on the additional professional program "Transfusiology", Moscow.
  • 2018 - full-time course on the program "Practical Application of the ICF", Moscow.
  • 2019 - advanced training on the cycle "Competence of members of a multidisciplinary team in early rehabilitation of patients with acute cerebral insufficiency", Yekaterinburg.


Interpretation of CT, MRI, X-ray, electroneuromyography, EEG, evoked potentials, TMS.


  • 13-14.04.2017 - oral speaker at the Jubilee Scientific and Educational Conference "Modern Problems and Innovative Technologies in Anesthesiology and Reanimatology", St. Petersburg.
  • 12-13.10.2017 - oral speaker at the All-Russian conference "Provision of emergency and emergency medical care at the present stage. Achievements and prospects", Kazan.
  • 16-18.05.2018 - oral speaker at the All-Russian youth medical conference with international participation "Almazov Readings-2018", St. Petersburg.
  • 19-20.10.2018 - oral speaker at the 4th Congress of Emergency Medicine Physicians, Moscow.
  • 15-17.11.2018 - oral speaker at the international conference StemCellBio, "Fundamental science as the basis of cellular technologies", St. Petersburg.
  • Participation in consultations, clinical analyzes, problem planning commissions.


  • English.
  • Czech.

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