Satirova Elena Fedorovna

Head of the department of anticancer drug treatment, oncologist

Work experience: 
18 years
Medical category: 
Высшая квалификационная категория
Reception at: 
ул. Оршанская, д. 16, стр. 2
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  • Consultation of all primary patients with any solid tumors, malignant and benign.
  • Appointment and correction of chemo-, hormone-, immuno- and targeted therapy.
  • "Second opinion" on the prescribed treatment.
  • Palliative care.
  • Symptomatic and detoxification therapy.
  • Curation after chemotherapy.
  • Help with various undesirable (side) effects.
  • Management of patients in remission.
  • Observation and recommendations for examination against the background of a treated oncological disease.
  • Family management and follow-up in hereditary cancer syndromes.


  • 2002 - MMA named after Sechenov, general medicine, DVS1965318, reg. number 268.
  • 2004 - residency in oncology on the basis of the Moscow City State Pedagogical University No. 1 DZ Moscow, reg. number 159, 31.08.2004.


  • Professional retraining in the specialty "Oncology", reg. number 2Ts-37-174207, certificate 0377180902626, 06.2019-05.2024, Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Additional Professional Education "RMANPO" dated 25.06.2019.


  • Lectures for patients in connection with educational activities for the "Hello" charity fund, UNITY fund, as part of the MedInvestGroup educational program, I conduct webinars, live broadcasts for patients and for doctors.
  • Participated as a speaker in the mammological forum "Seasons", a report at a session for oncologists on "prevention of breast cancer".
  • Participation in the 5th congress for cancer patients with a lecture on "drug therapy of breast cancer" - october 2020, 01.2020, in the congress RUSSCO.
  • Member of the Expert Council "Hippocratic Forum", report 03.2021, on the topic "IVF and cancer".
  • Member of the Oncology Society, RUSSCO.
  • Participation in the writing of the research protocol on oncological risk assessment in IVF on the initiative of the "Patriarchal Commission for Family, Health, Motherhood and Childhood".
  • The author's brochure for patients "Oncology for women's health" is being prepared for publication.
  • The author of the instagram channel Dr. Lena (doc.lena.satirova).
  • In the spring of 2020, she worked as a therapist in a covid hospital on the basis of the clinic of JSC "K31 City".
  • Moderator and lecturer in the ONCOPHELD group.
  • News presenter on ONKOTV (YouTube channel for patients), presenter of the patient column "Dr. Lena recommends".
  • Author of oncolicbees for patients in social networks.
  • A course of lectures on breast and pancreatic cancer for ANO DPO Academy Med. Education in Moscow.
  • Lecturer, listener, moderator at congresses and forums under the auspices of RUSSCO, AOR, ESMO.


  • English.
  • Italian.
  • Bulgarian.
  • Polish.

Examination of children: no.

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