Goltsman Anastasia Valentinovna

Head of the department of pediatrics, pediatrician

Work experience: 
12 years
Reception at: 
ул. Оршанская, д. 16, стр. 1
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  • Urgent and emergency care for children.
  • Outpatient management of patients aged 0-18 years.
  • Patient supervision according to an individual schedule.
  • Medical accompaniment of the patient.
  • Working with emergency conditions.
  • Working with children with eating disorders.


  • 2010 - Peoples' friendship university of Russia, Moscow, institute of foreign languages, assistant-translator (german).
  • 2010 - Peoples' friendship university of Russia, Moscow, faculty of medicine, general medicine.
  • 2012 - Peoples' friendship university of Russia, Moscow, faculty of medicine, pediatrics.
  • 2016 - Russian medical academy of postgraduate education, Moscow, faculty of preventive medicine and health organization, health organization.
  • 2017 - Peoples' friendship university of Russia, Moscow, medical, pediatrics.
  • 2019 - City Business School, МВА General.
  • 2021 - National research university "Higher school of economics", Moscow, professional retraining, "Economics and Enterprise Management" (by industry).
  • 2021 - Moscow state institute of international relations of the Ministry of foreign affairs of the Russian Federation, Moscow, MGIMO Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, "Management in health care: regulation, organization, practice".


  • 2017 - participant of the World Summit on Pediatrics conference, Rome.
  • 2020 - MNO, "Health organization and public health".
  • 2020 - AMO Academy of medical education, course on urgent and emergency care in medical practice.
  • 2021 - Sechenov university, Methodological Center for accreditation of specialists, "Health organization".
  • 2021 - Higher School of Economics, "Economics and organization management".
  • 2021 - ANO DPO TsPKPP, "Examination of temporary disability".


  • Experience of department management and experience of medical practice.
  • Knowledge of various areas of therapy.
  • Interaction with external clients and improvement of indicators related to work with clients; experience in the financial and economic part, and in matters of branch promotion.
  • Knowledge of the local pharmaceutical industry and the legal health system (experience in the Ministry of Health on procurement issues).
  • Excellent negotiation skills, including in english and german (interaction with clients, regulatory authorities, insurance companies).
  • Well-developed organizational skills and understanding of business, high expertise in the field of medicine and additional knowledge and education in the field of economics and management.


  • English.
  • German.

Examination of children: from 0 to 18 years old.

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