Dashtoyan George Eduardovich

Plastic surgeon

Work experience: 
6 years
Reception at: 
1-й Колобовский пер., дом 4
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  • Graduated from I.M. First Moscow State Medical University Sechenova
  • Internship in "surgery" specialty based on the 67th hospital
  • Residency in "Plastic Surgery", Department of Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery, Clinical Hospital №1 of the First Moscow State Medical University. THEM. Sechenov under the direction of Academician Milanov N.O.
  • PhD Candidate of Medical Sciences

Further training and internships:

  • IV International Congress of the Armenian Association of Plastic Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgeons, 2013 (Yerevan, Armenia)
  • LIVE SURGERY course in the framework of aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgery performed by Dr. Dennisa Hammonda, MD 2014 (Kostroma, Russia)
  • LIVE SURGERY & Injections Advanced aesthetic rhinoseptoplasty, otoplasty and facial contouring, 2014 (St. Petersburg, Russia)
  • 3rd Stuttgart Advanced course for functional & aesthetic rhinoplasty led by W. Gubisch, 2015 (Stuttgart, Germany)
  • III international school of mammoplasty in Kazan, master classes by Jaume Masia and Jian Farhadi, 2015 (Kazan, Russia)
  • International course on Microsurgery at Moscow State University under the guidance of invited teachers from Austria Stefan Froschauer and Richard Schnelzer, 2015 (Moscow, Russia)
  • International Breast Symposium Dusseldorf, 2016 (Dusseldorf, Germany)
  • London Breast Meeting, 2016 (London, UK)
  • IV International School of Mammoplasty in Kazan, LIVE SURGERY Jaume Masia and Jian Farhadi, 2016 (Kazan, Russia)
  • LIVE SURGERY course by professor Axel-Mario Feller (Germany) - aesthetic correction of the mammary glands, 2016 (Moscow, Russia)
  • Advanced course on rhinoseptoplasty (LIVE SURGERY) performed by KB Lipsky, 2016 (Moscow, Russia)
  • Master class Rybkin A.V. "Modern aspects of periorbitoplasty", 2016 (Moscow, Russia).
Area of professional interests:
  • Breast enlargement
  • Mastopexy (breast lift)
  • Reduction mammoplasty (breast reduction)
  • Breast reconstruction after oncology
  • Functional and aesthetic rhinoseptoplasty
  • Otoplasty (ear plastic)
  • Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery)
  • Face and neck lift
  • Endoscopic lifting (tightening) of the forehead
  • Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)
  • Liposuction
  • Scar excision
  • Lipofilling with the use of cellular technologies (face, mammary glands, buttocks, contour deformations of soft tissues of various localization, cicatricial deformities)
  • Removal of benign neoplasms

Scientific activity:

  • Studying the possibilities of using mesenchymal stem cells in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery
  • Full member of the Russian Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons
At the age of 38, I went to a plastic surgeon for the first time. I was so worried that later it would be worse, or something would go wrong. But I was not even offered any serious surgery during the consultation. So a little forehead lift was prescribed. And I really had a lot of longitudinal wrinkles and vertical interbrow wrinkles. It was already too late for the fillers. It turned out. That the operation took literally an hour, but of course I went to the clinic the day before to do all the tests and be monitored in the morning. After the operation, I stayed in the hospital for a day and was discharged. Of course, I went to the clinic for a long time. After some time, the bandages were removed, the swelling disappeared, and everyone who had not seen me for a long time told me. That I was 10 years younger. :) The surgeon Georgy Dashtoyan is simply amazing, I would have such a husband! deploy...

Anonymously / 01.04.2021

Georgy Eduardovich you have made my dream come true, your ha nds are golden. May God grant you health always so that you can give everyone such beauty as me ,,,, I am very pleased with your work ,,, very much I will recommend to everyone who gets up along the way.Thanks to the staff of this clinic, caring for patients simply cannot be conveyed how attentive they are in the middle of the night, 5 times came and looked after us deploy...

Anna / 19.09.2020

Good evening everyone))) I want to express my gratitude to D r. Georgy Dashtoyan Eduardovich. Doutler from God, performed breast reduction operation for me, super work, after a couple of hours I began to walk ,,,, a dream of my life. Girls, dream, everything comes true ,, Here Dr. Gregory works wonders, believe me. Separate thanks to the staff of the clinic, everything clearly did their job, the nurses did not leave us all night, checked the condition of their patients. The clinic is clean, and they are also fed. THANK YOU Dr. GEORGTY EDUARDOVICH to YOU again deploy...

Anna / 18.09.2020

Georgy Eduardovich, thank you for the excellent operation! Y ou have real talent and golden hands !! My face began to look 10 years younger, no less, now I receive compliments and questions from everyone on how to do the same. It is you, Georgy Eduardovich, that I recommend to them! I wish you a successful continuation of your practice, health and happiness deploy...

Vika / 02.08.2017

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