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Age-related changes are most often associated with atrophic processes that occur not only in the superficial, but also the underlying layers of the skin. All patients over 40 years of age in one way or another encounter manifestations of gravitational ptosis. One of the most advanced anti-aging techniques today is ult

developmental SMAS lifting. SMAS is a skin framework composed of collagen, elastin and facial muscles. With age, muscle fibers, collagen and elastin fibers stretch, lose elasticity, which leads to “sagging” tissues, deformation of the face oval. The SMAS lifting procedure performed using the Ulthera System apparatus helps to reduce and compact the fibers, as when lifting, when the surgeon cuts off excess with a scalpel. This occurs under the influence of focused ultrasonic pulses that the device produces.

Ultrasonic energy penetrates the skin and causes point heating of tissues at various depths up to 60 - 70 degrees. This is the optimum temperature for the synthesis of new collagen. The natural processes of restoration and rejuvenation are launched, in particular, the synthesis of new collagen. Thus, we act on the root cause of the problem, and not on its external manifestations.

Effect of the procedure

To obtain a pronounced effect, one session is enough. Results persist for about 1.5 years. 30% effect instantly. In the future, it is of an accumulative nature and gradually grows in the next 90 days after the therapy. The results of hardware exposure last for about 18 months or more, depending on the individual anatomical parameters of the patient and the characteristics of his lifestyle. Doctors are always sure of the effects of the Ulthera System. Often, a specialist first processes one side of the face and gives the patient a mirror to evaluate the powerful lifting effect compared to the untreated half of the face.

Indications and contraindications

<The procedure is carried out from 30 years old, the optimal age for it is from 40 years. Indications for SMAS lifting on the Ulthera System apparatus are: an overhanging eyebrow line, signs of aging of the periorbital region, overhanging eyelids, deepening of the nasolabial folds in combination with flattening of the cheeks, deformation of the face contour, lowering of the corners of the lips, the presence of a “second chin” due to sagging skin, loss of turgor and elasticity, the appearance of wrinkles in the neck and décolleté. It is worth noting that today SMAS lifting is successfully carried out not only during correction, but also with the goal of preventing such manifestations of aging.

Despite the safety and versatility of the procedure, there are still some limitations during its implementation. They relate to patients during pregnancy and lactation, with severe forms of acne on the face, impaired skin regeneration. Damage and inflammation of the skin in the treatment area are also a contraindication to the procedure. It is not recommended to undergo SMAS lifting in the presence of a pacemaker, cancer, systemic diseases of the connective tissue.

What problems does the procedure on the Ulthera System solve?

  • All manifestations of gravitational ptosis - sagging tissues;
  • Sagging skin of the face and neck as a result of significant weight loss;
  • Settlement of the zygomatic region, deformation of facial features and proportions;
  • The appearance of the so-called "brylya" - baggy, unaesthetic formations in the chin area;
  • Violation of the clear line of the oval of the face;
  • Pronounced nasolabial folds;
  • Lifting zones of the neck and decollete.

Safety procedure

The procedure can undoubtedly be called safe. The energy of ultrasound is used in various fields of medicine: dentistry, diagnostics, cosmetology and others. High-quality devices manufactured in the USA have safe working parameters, which significantly reduce the role of the human factor in the course of manipulations. In addition, the doctor monitors the progress of the procedure on the monitor exactly as when performing an ultrasound scan. This makes it possible to control all processes at the micro level, to monitor the depth of the pulse and the state of collagen fibers.

The procedure does not leave damage, scars, noticeable edema and does not provoke the development of hyperpigmentation. Due to the strictly defined depth and zones of exposure, damage to blood vessels and nerve endings is excluded. Ulthera System allows targeted action without damage to adjacent soft tissue. Ultrasound affects only a certain layer and does not penetrate the underlying structures. The technology of SMAS-lifting is well studied, has passed all the necessary laboratory and clinical trials. It has a predictable result, which means it gives the patient confidence and peace of mind.

7 pluses of SMAS - lifting

  • Excellent lifting effect without cuts and damage to the skin;
  • The Ulthera System is the only non-invasive lifting procedure approved by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration). This is a mark of high recognition in this area;
  • The depth of the device is up to 4.5 mm. At this level, only plastic surgeons and the Ulthera System can work;
  • Natural result. There is no sharp change in appearance. The effect increases over time, and you look better;
  • It does not require a recovery period, patients can almost immediately return to their usual way of life;
  • We can definitely emphasize the absence of risks associated with surgical intervention. These include long-term rehabilitation, the effects of anesthesia, emotional stress.
  • Most patients need only one session to get the desired result. In addition, you can go through the procedure when you want it - there are no seasonal restrictions.

Differences from other hardware techniques

Modern cosmetology and aesthetic medicine offer many anti-aging techniques. In fairness, it is worth saying that they all successfully cope with the tasks. Among the most popular procedures are laser exposure, radio frequency lifting, photorejuvenation, fractional laser thermolysis. They give a good result in the correction of superficial changes: fine wrinkles, post-acne, uneven dermal relief, etc. When it comes to gravitational ptosis and pronounced age-related changes, the Ulthera System SMAS lifting technology is unrivaled here. Its effect can only be compared with a surgical lift, but this is a completely different story.

No hardware procedure is capable of affecting depths up to 4.5 mm. For comparison, the laser acts only on the epidermis (1-1.5 mm), and radiofrequency lifting on the epidermis and dermis (up to 3 mm). The temperature regime is also different. Ulthera System causes heating to 60-70 degrees. At these values, collagen denaturation and optimal neocollagenesis occur. When exposed to a laser, the temperature can reach 100 degrees, which causes visible skin damage. Radio frequency lifting causes heating to 40-50 degrees. At this temperature, suboptimal (local, negligible) neocollagenesis occurs. Note that unlike thermage, SMAS lifting on the Ulthera System is not contraindicated in patients with dry, thin skin, lipodystrophy and rosacea.

Stages and progress of the procedure

The SMAS lifting procedure is painless and well tolerated by patients. It lasts from 30 to 90 minutes depending on the area of impact. The sequence of the procedure is as follows:

  1. Doctor consultation, medical history, identification of indications and contraindications for the procedure;
  2. Make-up removal, skin cleansing;
  3. Photographing the treated area in different projections, which will evaluate the effect of exposure;
  4. Marking the area of ultrasonic exposure. At the request of the patient, a local anesthetic cream can be used;
  5. Application of a conductive ultrasound gel to the skin surface;
  6. Selection of individual parameters of the device. Monitoring the progress of the procedure, the position of the sensor on the screen. Hardware Impact. The patient does not feel pain and severe discomfort, possibly a sensation of tingling and warmth;
  7. Removing the gel, applying the final cream.

To summarize

Hardware cosmetology today confidently competes with plastic surgery. The risks associated with surgery do not allow many people to feel younger and more attractive. Altera System is a unique device that helps to achieve an excellent anti-aging effect without surgery. In honor of this device, the technology itself is increasingly called “alterapy”. The technique is well combined with other hardware and injection technologies, in the future you will not be limited in the choice of means of influence. SMAS lifting is an ideal solution for rejuvenating the face, neck and décolleté after 40 years.

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