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YAG laser dissection of the posterior capsule in secondary cataract

Secondary cataract is a clouding and densification of the posterior lens capsule, which reduces the vision of patients who have previously undergone cataract surgery. The artificial lens remains transparent, only the posterior capsule becomes cloudy, which performs the supporting function for the artificial lens.

Epithelial cells grow on the back surface of the lens capsule, which form a film, and interfere with the penetration of light to the macular region of the retina, thereby reducing vision.

Symptoms of secondary cataract:

  • Progressive decrease in visual acuity and blurred image after a noticeable postoperative improvement in vision.
  • The growing feeling of "fog" and "haze" in the operated eye.
  • The image becomes blurry and blurry.

Currently, the main treatment for secondary cataracts is YAG laser dyscisia of the posterior capsule ( YAG Laser ).

During the treatment of secondary cataracts with a laser, the posterior capsule and epithelial cells are removed painlessly and permanently, and visual acuity is restored.

Vision returns immediately after the YAG laser dyscision of secondary cataract.

Laser surgery takes place within 10-15 minutes.

Painless elimination of secondary cataract.

YAG laser dyscysis is performed under local drip anesthesia.

There are no restrictions subsequently on physical and visual stress.

All possible consequences of untimely treatment:

Untimely treatment of secondary cataract leads to a decrease in vision and a deterioration in the quality of life.


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