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Pregnancy management

A future mother always has a lot of worries in anticipation of a new family member. But the number of these worries can be significantly reduced if you entrust the professionals with control over the dates of analyzes, specialist visits and other important studies of the state of health of the mother and child.

This opportunity is provided by the K+31 clinic under the pregnancy management program. This program includes all the necessary list of services for controlling pregnancy and will allow the expectant mother to be calmer for her baby’s health, not to waste her energy on a whole bunch of medical worries, and this is very important in such a crucial period of a woman’s life.

A bundled service offer will save you over 30%.

The program has several options for filling, so each expectant mother will be able to choose the most suitable program for herself. A pregnancy management program can be purchased for all 9 months, or start from the 2nd trimester.

Please note that the program is comprehensive. All additional services are paid separately.

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