IVF programs with the patient's eggs

Optimal IVF program
(segmented protocol)
IVF preparatory
(without embryo transfer)
Examination of the couple before the IVF program
Techniques during ovarian stimulation,
endometrial preparation for transfer
and after transfer until pregnancy is confirmed
+ +
Ovarian stimulation medications
Puncture + +
Cultivation + +
ICSI All cells All cells
All embryos All embryos All embryos
Thawing embryos +
Assisted Hatching According to indications
Embryo storage 1 month 1 month
Program cost 169 990,00 R 128 990,00 R
The cost of the program when paid
for separately taken components of the program
204 730,00 R 135 075,00 R
Saving 34 740,00 R 6 085,00 R