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Comprehensive examination with genetic test

What if there is a technology that opens the door for a longer life? What if you can detect cancer before you have symptoms? For the first time, tools to get a clear idea of your current health and future risks are available right now. Today. Why wait?

This examination program is a personalized product that allows you to get a more complete picture of your past, present and future health status thanks to a comprehensive body examination program and studying the sequence of your genome. A bundled service offer will save you over 30%.

Most chronic diseases associated with age remain undetected for many years, which leads to a decrease in the quality of life after 50 years. We help identify these diseases before the onset of symptoms, so you can be calm in knowing that your health is being systematically evaluated. Your personal health report gives you the information you need to make informed, proactive decisions, such as how often you can screen for cancer, which blood thinner or cholesterol lowering medication will be effective, or how to change your lifestyle to minimize your risks. We believe that we help people not only increase their life expectancy, but also improve the quality of life

A comprehensive examination program with a genetic test is a well-thought-out set of studies and specialist consultations, based on which the leading doctor will develop personalized recommendations for you. We will draw up for you a convenient individual schedule of visits to the clinic.

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