Good day! I want to express my deep gratitude to Laura Magomedovna and the team of doctors working with her. On December 17, 2021, Laura Magomedovna had an operation - many thanks to her for keeping the ovary (there was a 12 cm cyst). Skillful fingers!!! Thanks to the anesthesiologist, nurses, all medical staff! All health! The rooms are comfortable, the treatment is very comfortable.

Marina about the expert Kappusheva Laura Magomedovna / 17.01.2022

I have known Dr. Khaymanova Yuliana Viktorovna since the time of her activities at her previous place of work, after one visit to this specialist I no longer turn to other otolaryngologists: I think it will be difficult to find a more attentive, sensitive and competent doctor. In the clinic "K + 31" I was 2 times at the reception of Khaymanova Yuliana Viktorovna, once again I was convinced of her deep knowledge and vast experience; following her recommendations, she solved her health problems very quickly and without "heavy" drugs. As a meticulous person by nature, I asked her a whole list of questions in the field of otolaryngology: she answered them very patiently, calmly and in detail. Now I know everything not only about the correct and effective treatment, but also about competent prevention. I express my deep gratitude to Yuliana Viktorovna! I recommend this doctor to all my family and friends!

Olga about clinic / 15.01.2022

I want to leave here the words of my gratitude to Galina Sergeevna Telnova. I am 60, divorce, sadness and old age. That's what I came to the operation to the plastic surgeon. I came on the advice of my psychotherapist (yes-yes) To be honest, I had a lot of doubts and fears. I have never done anything to my face and have never had any surgery. Galina Sergeevna examined me and suggested a variant with blepharoplasty and a circular facelift. I was scared, to be honest. And all that I decided on was blepharoplasty. Phew, a year has passed and now I am writing and I am surprised at my courage. But I want to say more about the doctor: such a young, beautiful and such a thin woman, and the surgeon is unique. To say that my face has changed is to say nothing. And most importantly, I felt confident, some kind of Faith returned to life and that I can like me as a woman. Now I am in a couple and a considerable merit in this is my plastic surgeon, Galina Sergeevna. Thank you very much! You return something valuable to people: not only youth, but also faith. And it's worth it! And, yes, I decided on a circular one and will come to you soon, my good doctor with golden hands! Thank you very much again! I want to be beautiful and it's good that I know you! I warmly hug you.

Julia Anatolyevna about the expert Telnova Galina Sergeevna / 15.01.2022

It is not yet accepted in our country to speak openly about the fact that a woman had plastic surgery. It's somehow uncomfortable, hiding; (And I want to loudly declare and applaud my doctor Telnova Galina Sergeevna !! I was lucky and my doctor returned my face 15 years ago to me. to remain beautiful, first of all for myself. And I absolutely do not regret any of my steps in this area, and I do not doubt for a second that having chosen Galina Sergeevna as my plastic surgeon, I made a masterly correct choice and made one of my best decisions! there were three: lower and upper blepharoplasty, midline massage-lifting and temporal lifting. All operations took place at intervals of a year. Yes, these are full-fledged operations under general anesthesia and any woman who decides to take such a step should be aware that the rehabilitation period is not However, in my case, I chose the right doctor and after the hands of Galina Sergeevna, I went out and recovered rapidly. For me it was important, because I work with people and I can't drop out of the work schedule for a long time. And the most important thing that I want to say about G.S. Telnova is that she is a unique surgeon. Thinly feeling feelings, some features of the structure of the face and body of his patient, and most importantly, the aesthetics of proportions: after all, we, Women, are afraid of "consequences" and want not only to correct something, but also to stay beautiful and healthy. Here - Galina Sergeevna - just Ass! All my virtues are preserved both visually, aesthetically and masterfully emphasized. They say that plastic surgery is contagious;))) Well, if I have something only to this doctor, only these hands can I entrust my beauty. I recommend and many thanks to the doctor! I'm a star!

Olga about clinic / 14.01.2022

For a year and a half of treatment, I visited many doctors and during all this time I was not even given an accurate diagnosis. After the first consultation with this doctor, they put everything on the shelves, determined the diagnosis and prescribed the initial course of treatment, which I am incredibly happy about. I recommend everyone to contact this specialist;)

Maksim about the expert Botirov Azizbek Mamazoidovich / 13.01.2022

A very competent specialist, the treatment was prescribed promptly. He will always answer all your questions, help with advice, instill faith and hope

Elena about the expert Shevtsova Veronika Yakovlevna / 11.01.2022

Golden hands, brilliant execution. Combination of professionalism and delicacy. I did it for the third time, just perfect. Highly recommend!

Anna about the expert Seleznev Denis Evgenyevich / 07.01.2022

Thank you very much to the representatives of the call center, the registry at Pavlova-22, traumatologist Svirin V.V. for prompt and high-quality help to our grandmother, who on the first day of the new year slashed her finger so that they could not stop the blood. Low bow for participation and professionalism!

Miklyaeva N.V. about clinic / 01.01.2022

I am writing for my mother. Review in hot pursuit. Department of Radiology Ac. Pavlova 22. Did MRI of the city of m. - Just golden people work here! (C) Mom approx. golden man - very useful, priceless, good

Gavrilova AB about clinic / 29.12.2021

Many thanks and gratitude to Oleg Igorevich Gorelov, a general practitioner. He came to the house, very carefully and professionally diagnosed herpes zoster, gave recommendations and prescribed the necessary medications. After the visit, he called twice more to ask about his health, because there were severe pains. Recommended which specialized specialists you need to see. A real doctor who not only treats professionally, but also knows how to work with people - patients - attentively, patiently and very kindly. Thanks a lot!!!

Irina about clinic / 23.12.2021

The other day I visited the cosmetology department at the clinic on Lobachevsky. I want to share my impressions !!! At the reception I was met by a very nice and well-mannered girl !!! She looked amazing, as befits a person who meets patients of cosmetology and, in fact, is his face !!! You immediately understand that you have come to the right place !!!! At the reception I was with Dr. Andriyako Daria Alekseevna. She is very attentive, neat, most importantly, a real professional, she will explain everything, select a Treatment plan and do it perfectly!

Alexandra about clinic / 23.12.2021

At the K-31 clinic, I underwent treatment, where a doctor, Anton Vladimirovich, was appointed to me. I want to express my gratitude to him. He is a very responsible, punctual and pleasant young man, which is rare for young people nowadays. Always trying to do what is best and more convenient for the patient !! At the first appointment, he will guide you around the clinic, tell you where to take what, where to undergo treatment (not all doctors do it !!!) He quickly works with the documentation, prepared an extract instantly. I never had to wait for him, always at the workplace. I am very glad that I got such a doctor !!!

Anna about the expert Inozemtsev Anton Vladimirovich / 16.12.2021

This is the best doctor. Cosmetologist whom I know, a pro in his field, very friendly, at her reception you relax. All procedures are easy and comfortable. Thanks to Dr. Ekaterina Ilyina)

Kseniya about the expert Ilyina Ekaterina Vladimirovna / 16.12.2021

Dear Ruzanna Esaievna! Thank you very much for a beautiful and breathable nose! You treated my nose with understanding and care. Your work has exceeded all expectations! I am very happy with the result! Now I have a straight, straight and neat nose. You have corrected everything that we said! You are an excellent specialist and guru in your field! Of course, I strongly doubted and worried, but your confidence, positive attitude and approach to communication calmed me from the very first meeting and instilled confidence! I say thank you more! Special thanks to the K + 31 clinic! Great, kind staff! All are smiling and helpful! Thanks a lot!

Anastasia about the expert Mitoyan Ruzanna Esaievna / 15.12.2021

A deep bow to Perekhodtseva Tatyana Viktorovna for saving my closest person, that is exactly what she saved !!! She absolutely accurately diagnosed her even before the examination and hospitalization! Further, examination, emergency hospitalization and emergency operation, which lasted several hours! As a result, the life of a loved one was saved! Thank you very much, from the bottom of my heart!

Julia about clinic / 11.12.2021

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