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A brilliant doctor and a very delicate person! I performed the procedure impeccably, and did not notice anything. Ugh, ugh, ugh! Next time only to him. There would be more such doctors. Good luck, dear Denis Evgenievich!

Anna about the expert Seleznev Denis Evgenyevich / 17.10.2021

I really liked the welcome. It's amazing how such a young doctor combines professionalism and sensitivity. In my opinion, such specialists are the adornment of any clinic. Thank you, Olga Vladimirovna, just don't burn out :).

Anna about the expert Grishchenkova Olga Vladimirovna / 17.10.2021

On October 13, my mother underwent an operation, many thanks to Dr. Mikhail Cherepenin and Evgeny Zuev for their professionalism and excellent work.

Tatiana Zaitseva about clinic / 15.10.2021

An excellent doctor, competent, dismissive! At the consultation, we discussed all treatment options and the result was not long in coming. Thanks to Olesya Sergeevna for professional help and sensitive attitude

Alexandra about the expert Evtodiy Olesya Sergeevna / 14.10.2021

There are highly professional specialists, and there are doctors who have not only professionalism, but also such qualities as humanity, decency, sensitivity, empathy. I would like to note that Novokovsky Maxim Alexandrovich possesses all these qualities! Such doctors make a huge contribution to improving human health! Thank God that there are such doctors! Many thanks. I wish you success in his business!

Diana about the expert Novokovsky Maxim Alexandrovich / 13.10.2021

Good day everyone! Dad has thrombosis of the artery of the lower extremity, it was necessary to consult a vascular surgeon and possibly come for a consultation. On the recommendations on the Internet, I turned to the vascular surgeon Eroshenko Andrey Vladimirovich. I wrote to him in vatsap, he quickly answered, threw him all my father's extracts, then we talked, the doctor clearly answered all my questions, sent a detailed description of the training walking that helps with this ailment, and also strongly recommended to do an ecg, said that it is possible send him and if he sees something there, then you may need an in-person consultation with a doctor. Naturally, I am now only to him. When I asked him how much I owe for a consultation on the phone, Andrei Vladimirovich replied that it was free, but the feedback from patients was important to him. That is why I am writing here. I can confidently recommend this doctor !!! I got free fast qualified help! And now I am very proud of myself that I found him! Oh, more. In the course of communication, it turned out that he works in the clinic k + 31. Then everything fell into place. The clinic is excellent, the doctors are superb, but, unfortunately, very expensive for me. When I become famous and rich I will buy here annual subscriptions for the whole family!

Vasilisa about the expert Eroshenko Andrew Vladimirovich / 12.10.2021

I am 57 years old. I underwent treatment with many doctors - two major operations, three chronic diseases. The experience is great. And in my opinion Natalia Ilyinichna Repina is a doctor and diagnostician from God. Amazing sensitivity, attention to detail, does not allow the patient to dissolve without losing his trust. A doctor who clearly chooses a specialist who is needed for this particular patient, who clearly makes decisions. And when Natalya Ilyinichna was treating my mother, my surprise knew no bounds. So quickly she found an approach to an elderly person, cured him, although we all know how difficult it is with such patients. Honor and praise to the doctor. Thank you.

Inna about the expert Repina Natalya Ilyinichna / 11.10.2021

I turned to Emilia Georgievna several times, and I know her from another clinic. I am very pleased with her approach to conducting research and prescribing the necessary procedures. The approach is modern and professional, pleasant to talk to. There are no unnecessary recommendations, everything is only to the point and is effective. Thanks.

Tatiana about the expert Ayrapetyan Emiliya Georgiyevna / 08.10.2021

Very attentive doctor, I recommend!

Svetlana about the expert Fadeeva Victoria Anatolievna / 07.10.2021

I removed two wisdom teeth from Alexey Andreevich. I am delighted!!! This is a virtuoso job! The top 8 was removed (or rather unscrewed) in less than a minute. The lower, complex one, about which other doctors said that it is imperative to cut the gum, because the crooked root was carefully removed from the hole without a single incision. Everything healed in a couple of days, I didn't even have to drink antibiotics. A true master of his craft! And besides, he is positive, benevolent, responsive. I highly recommend it. Level - "five +".

Olga about the expert Cherkasov Alexei Andreevich / 03.10.2021

This is the best pediatrician for our family with 3 children and 3 grandchildren - diagnoses with 99.9 percent hits are amazing!)) Thank you very much for your work !!!!

Dmitry Aleksandrovich about the expert Bondarenko Irina Valentinovna / 30.09.2021

I would like to express my sincere gratitude and deep gratitude to the surgeon Maltsev Andrey Vladimirovich. An excellent doctor, a real professional! He did his job quickly, clearly, accurately, while being very polite, friendly and attentive. A wonderful person and the best surgeon in this clinic. For a long time I heard from friends and also from other doctors of the clinic k + 31 that Maltsev is the best! and now she herself is convinced of it. I will recommend to everyone and next time I myself only to him!

Koroleva Natalia Mikhailovna about clinic / 30.09.2021

Today I visited a gynecologist, I want to express my deep gratitude to Maria Vasilievna Sirotinina for her professionalism and sensitive attentive attitude!

Anastasia about clinic / 26.09.2021

Tatyana Valerievna treated my mother to L.S. Solovyova. in the hospital. We were hospitalized on 08/23/2021 with neurological complications after undergoing covid. His condition was very poor. Thanks to the efforts of Tatyana Valerievna, her attention, patience, desire to understand everything in detail and knowledge, it was possible to establish the causes of health problems, and my mother was able to get on her feet, began to return to normal life. Many thanks to Tatyana Valerievna! She is smart, beautiful and a wonderful person! I also want to thank all the staff of the clinic who helped my mother - nurses and nurses of the hospital, rehabilitation specialists, as well as many thanks to the wonderful nurse Olga Gudenko, who took great care of my mother in the ward.

Natalia about the expert Melitmayer Tatyana Valeryevna / 25.09.2021

Super doctor! Words of gratitude are impossible to find! Confidence in the inevitability of recovery, professionalism and responsiveness! They always talked about such - a doctor from God! You know, this is just about him! I'm glad that I was lucky to get to him! Thanks to the doctor for the treatment and health! You are the best! Special thanks to the administration for finding such a wonderful doctor!

Maria about the expert Cherdakov Alexei Valerevich / 24.09.2021

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