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Excellent doctor, erudite, positive and kind professional! Helped me cope with the problem after several operations in one well-known network of clinics! He explains everything very clearly, the reception and all procedures take place in a relaxed atmosphere, the doctor has a very light hand. Thanks to Cherdakov A.V. I again believed in doctors and with pleasure I recommend this specialist to my relatives and friends!

Sergey about the expert Cherdakov Alexei Valerevich / 29.06.2022

Ruzanna Yesaievna, a professional in her field! Attentive to every detail throughout the entire process: from the first consultation to complete recovery. The result of the work deserves special admiration! Further for beauty only to her and I can safely recommend her services to my friends and family.

Anna about the expert Mitoyan Ruzanna Esaievna / 29.06.2022

I would like to thank Galina Sergeevna for a wonderful nose. The next day after the operation, I calmly went to a business meeting with a cast. There were no complications, the work is delicate and beautiful. And most importantly, there were practically no bruises and after 3 weeks there were already traces of the operation

Anastasia about the expert Telnova Galina Sergeevna / 29.06.2022

Competent and caring doctors. I especially want to note the high professionalism of the dentist-surgeon Georgy Karenovich Zakharyan.

Anonymously about the expert Zakharyan Georgy Karenovich / 29.06.2022

Ushakova Irina Evgenievna - just a miracle - sweet, friendly, competent, explained everything in detail before the procedure, gave recommendations with explanations. I liked it very much.

Kseniya about clinic / 27.06.2022

I want to leave a positive review about Dr. Dashtoyan G.E.! I am very happy that fate brought me to this doctor, I have long wanted to do a tummy tuck and breast augmentation, but I was very afraid and doubted. At the consultation with the doctor, all fears and doubts were cast aside)) 4 months ago we had a complex abdominoplasty + mammoplasty operation, the result exceeded all my expectations :) Beautiful breasts and a flat stomach - after the birth of a child, this is a dream, and it came true! Implants in the chest are not felt at all, as if I was born with such breasts, this is a miracle) the scar on the stomach is still visible, but I’m sure it will become colorless within a year, the main thing is that there is no huge belly as it was before after childbirth. Thank you Georgy Eduardovich, you have a talent from God !!! Dear future patients of the doctor, do not hesitate, with Dr. Dashtoyan everything will go at the highest level and the result will be wow). I recommend

Elena about the expert Dashtoyan George Eduardovich / 27.06.2022

Irina Evgenievna is not only an amazing doctor, but also a wonderful person. He always explains everything, treats the patient with care, and most importantly, painstakingly, diligently and professionally does his job. I have been afraid of dentists since childhood, but I go to Irina Evgenievna with confidence and pleasure. There are not many doctors who treat you so carefully and love their work. Definitely give Irina Evgenievna a medal for high professionalism and social responsibility

Veronica about the expert Ushakova Irina Evgenievna / 25.06.2022

Thanks a lot! Helped my dad. The disease is currently in remission.

Stepan about the expert Kurenkov Dmitry Valerievich / 23.06.2022

Thank you very much Timur Borisovich! Very knowledgeable, caring and wonderful doctor! Briefly explained everything clearly. Thank you!

Maria about the expert Soblirov Timur Borisovich / 22.06.2022

I am very grateful for the support and help of just a high-level specialist, a doctor with a capital letter! Thank you Vera Sergeevna!

Ilona Korenchuk about clinic / 21.06.2022

Unfortunately belated thanks but better late than never as they say! Inga Yakovlevna performed the operation and very efficiently and quickly, she remained grateful for several years, everything in the same order in which she let me out of the office.

Ilona Korenchuk about clinic / 21.06.2022

I want to leave a huge gratitude to my beloved gynecologist, who helped restore my health!!

Ilona about clinic / 21.06.2022

I am immensely grateful to Dr. Soblirov Timur Barasbievich!!! Thanks a lot! Came with one ailment, immediately discovered another. Very happy with the treatment!

Sasha about the expert Soblirov Timur Borisovich / 21.06.2022

Real professional! Denis Evgenievich has high human qualities. During the procedure, he tries to create maximum comfort for the patient, conduct a thorough diagnosis and explain the details in detail. Very attentive and friendly. I express my deepest gratitude!

Alina about the expert Seleznev Denis Evgenyevich / 20.06.2022

I express my deep gratitude to the endocrinologist Inna Ilyinichna Bratova, an excellent specialist who loves her work. Inna Ilyinichna is a wonderful person, a sympathetic doctor! Thanks for the help...

Svetlana S. about the expert Bratova (Safanova) Inna Ilyinichna / 20.06.2022

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