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Discount for cataract retirees

Until the end of the action 172 day

K+31 Lobachevskogo

Cataracts are the ailment that older people most often experience. This is currently one of the most common eye diseases coming with age.

There are no blood vessels in the lens (the natural lens of our eye), its nutrition is provided by a special eye fluid, but its composition changes over time, which leads to metabolic disorders and, as a result, clouding of the lens.

The most effective and only cataract treatment is surgery. In Clinic K + 31 on the street Lobachevsky has a 5% discount for retirees for cataract surgery with implantation of a new intraocular lens *.

The discount is valid upon presentation of a pension certificate.

* without the cost of the lens.

Check the details of the action with the clinic administrators or call center operators.