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Endoscopy video capsule at a discount in K + 31

Until the end of the action 50 days

K+31 Petrovskie Vorota

The small intestine is the longest organ of the digestive tract, in which often lies the cause of iron deficiency anemia and hidden bleeding, and tumors and Crohn's disease develop. However, the small intestine for a long time remained inaccessible for direct examination, now it is natural and comfortable.

In K + 31, video capsule endoscopy is performed to diagnose diseases of the small intestine.


  • No endoscope or probe
  • High diagnostic accuracy
  • Painless and atraumatic
  • No anesthesia
  • No risk
  • Saves time
  • Without hospitalization


  • Hemoglobin reduction
  • Unspecified bleeding
  • Suspected Crohn's Disease
  • Monitoring Crohn's Disease
  • Determine the presence of neoplasm
  • Family polyposis
  • Peitz-Egers Syndrome
  • Unclear abdominal pain

How does the procedure go:

  • Consultation with a doctor (additional payment)
  • Study preparation
  • Swallowing capsule

After 8-10 hours, in which you can do your own business:

  • Transferring the recorder to a doctor
  • Survey Consultation

Single capsule, excreted naturally

Cost: 26 000 r.