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50% for children's oral hygiene

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K+31 Lobachevskogo

Professional hygiene is a complex procedure for the removal of soft and hard dental deposits, which cannot be removed on their own, even with daily careful dental care.

Improper oral hygiene in children can lead to the development of diseases such as:

  • Caries.
  • Pulpitis.
  • Gingivitis.
  • Stomatitis.
  • Periodontitis.

This is often due to the fact that children do not clean the interdental spaces well, as it is difficult for them to use dental floss. In the dental spaces, food debris and plaque accumulate, which leads to the development of pathology.

You can start doing professional oral hygiene for children from 2.5 years old, when a milk bite has formed.

Clinic K+31 offers a 50% discount on children's oral hygiene*. Our specialists will find contact with your baby and carry out the procedure as comfortably as possible for him.

*Before the procedure, you must consult with a specialist.