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50% discount on computed tomography

Until the end of the action 19 days

K+31 Petrovskie Vorota

In K+31 Petrovskie Vorota computed tomography has become even more accessible!

Until July 07, the study can be completed with a 50% discount.

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CT is a very accurate imaging diagnostic method. It is distinguished from X-ray by its greater information content and the ability to examine the organ from all sides with an accuracy of mm.

With the help of CT examination, you can:

  • Assess the structure, size and location of the organ.
  • See inflammation and injury, including internal organs and the musculoskeletal system.
  • Determine the nature of pneumonia (bacterial or viral). During X-ray diagnostics, this difference is not visible.
  • Determine the size and location of the pathological site.

Computed tomography in K+31 is performed on modern tomographs with minimal radiation exposure. Accurate images are obtained in just a split second:

  • lungs and chest;
  • soft tissue;
  • internal organs;
  • bones;
  • joints and sinuses.

In K+31, the conclusion is issued within 1-2 hours after the completion of the study*.

You can immediately get advice and, if necessary, ask for a second opinion.

The size and structure of the tomograph allows for comfortable diagnostics, including for patients with injuries. Regular disinfection of equipment and premises makes the examination safer for the patient.

CT is recommended after consultation with a specialist.

For details of the action, check with the call center and with the clinic's administrators. The discount does not apply to services rendered by radiologists K.B. Puzakov and Y.N. Vasilyeva.

*Except when you need to hire freelance specialists for difficult cases.

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