MRI and CT 24/7 at K+31 Petrovskie Vorota

Clinic K+31 Petrovskie Vorota conducts magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography now around the clock. At night on Tuesday and Thursday (from 00:00 to 07:00) there is a 20% discount!

Diagnostics is carried out:

  • brain;
  • abdominal cavity;
  • spine;
  • hearts;
  • joints;
  • bones;
  • soft tissue;
  • hearts;
  • coronary arteries;
  • urinary system;
  • temporomandibular joints.


  • MRI. 1.5 Tesla. High floor, closed type.
  • CT. 64 slices. Automatic two-flask injector.
  • *Comments and advice from a radiologist are available during the main opening hours of the clinic. At night, studies are carried out without contrast.