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Sychenkova Irina Yuryevna

Leading MRI Specialist

Work experience: 
Academic degree: 
Leading expert MNIOI them. P.A. Herzen
Reception at: 
ул. Лобачевского, дом 42, стр.4; 1-й Колобовский пер. дом 4
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In 2009 graduated from the Moscow Medical Academy. I.M.Sechenov (currently First MGMU named after I.M.Sechenov), medical faculty. In 2011 graduated from residency at the base of the Russian National Surgical Center named after B.V. Petrovsky, majoring in radiology.

Area of professional interests:

He has extensive experience in describing CT and MR studies, including using various techniques (dynamic contrasting, DWI).

Field of Interest: Oncoradiology, Radiology in Gynecology

Professional achievements and recognition:

Author of 7 publications, participant of Russian and international conferences (Radiology, Congress of POPP, ECR), author of poster and oral presentations, including at international conferences.

POPP member, ESR member

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