Andreytseva Marina Igorevna

Ultrasound Diagnostic Doctor

Work experience: 
11 years
Reception at: 
ул. Лобачевского, дом 42, стр.4
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Specialist in the diagnosis of diseases of the heart and blood vessels, organs of the abdominal cavity, thyroid gland.


  • "Russian State Medical University. N.I. Pirogov "2009 Specialty medical business (diploma with honors)
  • "NII SP them. N.V. Sklifosovsky »residency in ultrasound diagnostics 2013 - Advanced training courses in echocardiography at the Department of the Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Moscow (February 2016)
  • Advanced training courses on ultrasound of superficially located organs at the department of the Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education in Moscow (May 2016)

Area of professional interests:

  • Examination of the vessels of the neck, arterial and venous systems of the limbs, arteries and veins of the abdominal cavity.
  • Ultrasound examination of the organs of the abdominal cavity, retroperitoneal space, thyroid gland, mammary glands, soft tissues.
  • Study of morphological and functional changes in the heart and its valvular apparatus (EchoCG).
  • Ultrasound examination in the diagnosis of emergency surgical conditions, as well as in case of danamic observation of patients after surgery.

Professional achievements and recognition:

  • The author of 9 publications, the volume is cleaner in publications recommended by the Higher Attestation Commission. Presentation at the congresses of doctors of ultrasound diagnostics. Subjects of the main publications: “Possibilities of ultrasound examination of the eyeball for intracranial hypertension in patients with traumatic and non-traumatic intracranial hemorrhages”
  • Laureate of the Prize of the All-Russian Scientific Conference of Young Scientists on Ultrasound Diagnostics Healthcare-2012.
  • Member of the annual conferences "Radiology" and "Health"

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