Komkova Inna Igorevna


Work experience: 
9 years
Academic degree: 
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ул. Лобачевского, дом 42, стр. 4
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  • Russian State Medical University, specialty "General Medicine". 2007
  • Internship: Russian State Medical University, specialty "Therapy", 2008
  • Residency: Moscow Medical Academy. THEM. Sechenov, specialty "Gastroenterology", 2010
  • Graduate School: First Moscow State Medical University. THEM. Sechenov, specialty "Gastroenterology", 2013

Further education courses:

Hepatology continuing education course


  • January 2014 - 2019 - University Clinical Hospital No. 2, GBOU VPO First MGMU named after THEM. Sechenova, a pulmonologist. Management (examination and treatment) of 10-15 inpatients with respiratory diseases, preparation of medical documentation.
  • December 2013 - November 2019 - gastroenterologist. Outpatient reception of patients with a gastroenterological profile, examination and treatment, examination of temporary disability.
  • September 2012 - August 2014 - GBOU VPO First MGMU them. THEM. Sechenov. Assistant of the Department of Propaedeutics of Internal Medicine, Faculty of Medicine. Teaching general care for therapeutic patients, propaedeutics of internal diseases, as well as the course of internal diseases to students of medical and dental faculties of PSMU named after THEM. Sechenova
  • September 2010 - January 2014 - Therapist. University Clinical Hospital № 2, GBOU VPO First MGMU them. THEM. Sechenova

Professional skills and possession of unique techniques:

Diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Research Interests - Liver Disease

I am engaged in conducting (carrying out diagnostic measures, determining treatment tactics) both inpatient and outpatient patients with diseases of the gastrointestinal and respiratory tract.

Professional development and achievements:

In 2007 she graduated with honors from the medical faculty of the Russian State Medical University. In 2008, she graduated from the internship in therapy at the Department of Hospital Therapy No. 1 of the Russian State Medical University. In 2010, she graduated from the residency in gastroenterology at the department of propaedeutics of internal diseases of the Faculty of Medicine of MMA named after THEM. Sechenov. In 2013, she graduated from a full-time postgraduate course in gastroenterology, defended a thesis on the topic "A Differentiated Approach in the Management of Patients with Heavy Alcoholic Hepatitis." Full member of the Russian Society for the Study of the Liver (ROPIP), the European Association for the Study of Liver Diseases, the Asia-Pacific Association for the Study of Liver Diseases. In 2013, primary retraining in the specialty “Pulmonology”.

There are printed works in Russian and international scientific journals.

She has repeatedly given lectures at Russian and international conferences, including oral presentations at the Russian Gastroenterological Week, poster presentations at the annual conference of the Pacific-South Asian Society for the Study of Liver Diseases (APASL 2013, Singapore), and the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases ( AASLD 2013, Washington), winner of the competition for the best work in the field of clinical hepatology (Hepatology 360 2013, Athens).

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