Bystritskaya Elena Alexandrovna

Dermatologist, cosmetologist

Work experience: 
19 years
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Medical category: 
Врач первой категории
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1-й Колобовский пер. дом 4
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  • 2002 - Moscow State Medical and Dental University, specialty - medical business, diploma with honors.
  • 2002 - 2004 - Clinical residency at Moscow State Medical and Dental University, a full course in the specialty “Dermatovenerology”, at the same time she worked as a trainee doctor in dermatovenerology in KVKD No. 8.

Scientific activity:
In 2008 she defended her thesis. From 2005 to 2010, he actively studied the effects of lasers and photo therapy for aging skin, the possibility of laser resurfacing of the skin, the combination of laser technology and other cosmetic procedures. The results of these works were published in journals (KI, Experimental and Clinical Dermatocosmetology, Russian Journal of Skin and Sexually Transmitted Diseases, etc.) and reported at congresses and congresses. From 2003 to the present, I have been exploring new possibilities for the treatment of acne and rosacea with various modern drugs, effective methods of cosmetological correction of defects after these diseases (skin smoothing, narrowing of pores and removal of blood vessels).

Professional achievements and recognition:
79 published scientific papers in medical journals and abstracts at various Medical Congresses and Congresses; Over 14 publications in various media magazines (9 months, Pregnancy, Lady Vita); Permanent participant and speaker at medical congresses, conferences and congresses (Symposium on Aesthetic Medicine, Forum Medicine and Beauty, E. Laputin International Congress on Aesthetic Medicine, etc.)

Area of professional interests:

  • An integrated approach to compensating for skin aging and its aesthetic improvement. Including methods:
  • Laser technologies (laser resurfacing of the skin, removal of blood vessels, scar removal, photorejuvenation).
  • Laser and IPL (photo) hair removal.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of facial skin diseases (including acne, rosacea) and hair loss.
  • Contour plastics (botulinum therapy and hyauronic acid preparations).
  • Hardware cosmetology - Altera (ultrasound-lifting) and non-injection mesotherapy.

Further education, courses and advanced training:

  • While still in clinical residency, she became interested in cosmetology and in 2004 she studied at the Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education in the specialty “Medical Cosmetology” with additional training in NikMeda on the use of botulinum therapy, contour plastics with hyaluronic acid and mesotherapy; in Filorg for mesotherapy; in Martinex on mesotherapy and chemical peels.
  • In 2006, she underwent further training at the KI Educational and Cosmetic Center under the Aesthetic Cosmetology program.
  • In 2009, she confirmed the certificate and completed additional training at the Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, specializing in Medical Cosmetology.
  • In 2012, she underwent retraining at the Medical Institute for Advanced Medical Studies of the Federal State Budgetary Educational Establishment of Higher Professional Education “Moscow State Pedagogical University” with a degree in “Cosmetology” and was awarded a certificate by a cosmetologist. In addition, she studied contour plastics in MerzFarm with Belotera and Xeomin preparations, in Vallex-M contour plastics with Restilay and Dysport drugs, and mesotherapy with Esthetic Dermal and Yalo-pro. In REC Expert - chemical peels.
  • In 2003, she underwent professional retraining at the Institute for Advanced Studies of the Faculty of Medicine of MB and EP at the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation and became an additional Physiotherapist. In 2008, she underwent advanced training in physiotherapy at the Institute for Advanced Studies of the Faculty of Medicine of MB and EP at the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. In 2013, at the Institute of Postgraduate Professional Education FSBI SSC FMBC named after A.I. Burnazyan FMBA of Russia passed advanced training in physiotherapy.
  • In 2003, she completed special courses on "Laser Therapy" at the Institute for Advanced Studies of the Federal University of MB and EP at the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. In 2003, she was trained on the use of the XTRAC laser in the treatment of vitiligo and psoriasis in PhotoMedex in St. Petersburg. In 2003, she studied at the Luminette IPL system at LYNTON Laser in Moscow. In 2008-2009, scientific work was carried out on the IPL system to combine FIJIE special anti-aging peels with IPL radiation.
  • In 2008, she studied at the Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education and received a specialty in "Laser Surgery". In 2005, 2008 and 2012, she was trained on DEKA laser systems.
  • In 2009 and 2012, a 2-day specialization course in Fotona lasers was held at SportMedImport.
  • In 2013, the Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education underwent re-training in "Laser Surgery". In 2013 she received a certificate: 3-day training course on the use of the Palomar apparatus.

Hello, I want to leave my gratitude to Elena Aleksandrovna B ystritskaya. After long and unsuccessful visits to specialists in other clinics, we turned to Elena Alexandrovna. Already at the first appointment, a very comprehensive consultation and treatment plan were received. To date, the results are very good and in line with expectations. Elena Aleksandrovna is not just a doctor, she is a highly qualified specialist and a wonderful person. I am very grateful to her. Now the female half of our family for beauty and health comes only to Elena Alexandrovna. Best regards, Natalia Kalyuzhnaya. deploy...

Natalia Dmitrievna Kalyuzhnaya / 01.02.2020

The case brought me to an appointment with Elena Aleksandrov na Bystritskaya, which I was immensely happy about - the doctor saved me from a long-term problem (rosacea, acne, and other related things). In addition to proper treatment and all subsequent medical recommendations, Elena Aleksandrovna initially set herself up for a positive outcome, which greatly facilitated the recovery process. To everyone who thinks and takes care of themselves, I recommend meeting Elena Alexandrovna) deploy...

Nataliya / 19.04.2019

I would like to express my deep gratitude to Dr. Elena Aleks androvna Bystritskaya. Thanks to the complex treatment, I was able to solve a long-term problem. She is really a Doctor with a capital letter, who does not treat symptoms, but seeks the cause and eliminates it. It is a pity that I came to her only after many years of torment. Elena Alexandrovna thank you very much! deploy...

Elizabeth / 07.10.2016

Elena Alexandrovna, thank you for everything! For over ten y ears I have followed you everywhere. You have cured acne, from which I have suffered all my adult life, carefully and sensitively approach all my skin problems and not only. You are always supportive and helpful, and you also instill confidence that any problem can be dealt with. I trust you infinitely. I know that you are a Great Professional and just a very sympathetic person. There are no longer counting how many of my friends and acquaintances you have helped. Thank! An integrated and individual approach to each patient, a deep study of the issue, the eternal search for new solutions and constant professional development, strict adherence to medical ethics - this is what characterizes Elena Aleksandrovna. Doctor with a capital letter! Thank! deploy...

Anna / 02.07.2015

Elena Aleksandrovna, I want to express my gratitude to you. Having cured my Demodectic mange, they helped me a lot !! I remember so much an oval complex about these rashes and it's good that I came to you with this problem! About people like you they say, a doctor from God. In addition to all the treatment, thanks for the moral support at that time I needed it :))) Now my face is healthy. It's been three years already .. Thank you very much! All the best))) deploy...

Kristina / 09.12.2013

Many thanks to Elena Aleksandrovna for the correct diagnosis and effective treatment! Elena Aleksandrovna is very pleasant in communication, she is always glad to see the patient, she supports and encourages! An excellent specialist! deploy...

Anna / 06.12.2013

Dear Elena Alexandrovna, I want to say thank you very much f or the treatment of my daughter Ksenia. Thank you for your sensitive attitude and for the correct treatment. Always be healthy. Thank. deploy...

Irina Grigorievna / 03.12.2013

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