Vasilieva Yulia Nikolaevna

Radiologist, leading specialist in radiation diagnostics

Work experience: 
11 years
Academic degree: 
Reception at: 
ул. Лобачевского, дом 42, стр. 4; 1-й Колобовский пер. дом 4
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  • In 2011, she graduated from the Faculty of Medicine with a degree in General Medicine at the A. I. Evdokimov Moscow State Medical and Dental University (GOU VPO MGMSU named after A. I. Evdokimov of the Ministry of Health of Russia).
  • In 2011-2013 was trained in the residency GBOU VPO MGMSU them. A. I. Evdokimova of the Ministry of Health of Russia at the Department of Radiation Diagnostics, majoring in "radiology" Upon completion of training, a certificate was obtained in the specialization "Radiology".
  • In 2013, she completed training on the cycle "Ultrasound Diagnostics" with the receipt of a specialist certificate.
  • In 2013, she studied at ESOR Tutorials Courses (Prague, Czech Republic) - courses at the European School of Radiologists, MOTOL hospital, military hospital (theoretical lecture course with practical work in clinical practice).

Area of professional interests:

Sphere of scientific and practical interest - diseases of the head and neck, maxillofacial region.

Specialization: radiology, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound diagnosis

Professional achievements and recognition:


  • (ESHNR), 25th Congress and Refresher Course European Society of Head and Neck Radiology (Leipzig, 2012)
  • (ECR) European Congress of Radiology-2013 (Vienna, 2013),
  • (ECR) European Congress of Radiology-2014 (Vienna, 2014);
  • (NRF) Extraordinary, VII Anniversary Nevsky Radiological Forum-2014 (St. Petersburg, 2014);
  • Scientific-practical conference “From tradition to innovation. Radiation diagnostics. Reboot ”(Smolensk, 2014);
  • (ESHNR), 27th Congress and Refresher Course European Society of Head and Neck Radiology (Marseille, 2014);
  • Scientific-practical conference "Radiation diagnostics and interventional radiology in emergency medical care" (Tashkent, 2014);
  • III congress of radiation diagnosticians of the South of Russia (Krasnodar, 2015); scientific-practical conference “Crimean Rhapsody. Music of Russian Radiology ”(Simferopol, 2015).


Vasilieva Yu.N. has more than 20 publications, including 8 of them in journals recommended by the Higher Attestation Commission of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science. The electronic resource OFERNiO was issued on the topic "Improving the ultrasound of the duct system of the BSG" No. 21199.

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